Darius Akaelae

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Short Biography


Akaelae, Darius
Full name 
Darius Dion Zae Akaelae
Wolf (Genetic Elite)
White fur all over, though has dark gray skin which gives him light brown/beige undertones. Dark green eyes.
Student (in Akaelae and Darius), Headmaster (in Campus Safari)
Do you want to live forever?


Sheana Tibal
Alpha Akaelae
Donnvan Akaelae (father) and Zaeus Akaelae (mother)
Efram Akaelae (older brother), Ravon Akaelae (younger brother), Tae Akaelae (younger sister) and Kea Akaelae (younger sister).
Kela Akaelae
the original Alpha Akaelae


In Akaelae you can usually find him carrying around a slimboard and a leather satchel full of art supplies - that is his thing. While he enjoys physical sports, he would rather spend his time drawing nature and what he sees. That is among the many reasons he doesn't want to be in a transitional school at all - he would rather be in the training school for perimeter guards and move outside the city where it's nice... quiet... and he can study the gryphons and whips.

Size issue

He's usually good natured except around some wolves. Due to his size, and by how much of a fuss he puts up when females look his way, he is constantly being pursued by a pack of girls his age and older (Akaelae, strip 28) (although to be fair, some of the girls do only pursue him because of his rank rather than liking him personally). Normally wolves his age are a good foot and a half taller than he is. The females are all around the same height and have a preference for males their own size since they're not as clumsy and uncoordinated. It doesn't help that Darius is also very good at grav ball and several other sports. He's much tougher than his size would lead one to believe.


Known characteristics

  • In Akaelae he was 14 (15 after the summer session), 5'6", and 170 pounds. In Darius he had just turned 15. (Darius, strip 9)
  • He really hates leaving things unfinished once he begins working on something, and the thought of being unable to finish something is a serious worry for him. (Akaelae, strip 105)
  • Darius while dressing neatly, dresses for comfort. He hates tight collars or anything restraining.
  • A bit of a prankster. He sees entertainment in everything around him, even if it's not a good idea by others' standards. He sees nothing wrong with a little mischief as long as it doesn't endanger anyone... much to Rayne's chagrin.
  • Enjoys eating Earth cuisine, and has private rations of fried chicken. (No Angel, strip 19)
  • Extreme fondness for eating chicken - especially fried.
  • Because his extreme fondness for eating chicken Darius once unintentionally ate an Avisterian chicken served by an alien. (Campus Safari, strip 110)
  • Dislikes Terran skunks - especially their smell. (Campus Safari, strip 123)
  • Can be easily confused with Syrys, as Cilke had to experience. (Campus Safari, strip 113)
  • Finds the sight of naked Humans hilarious. (Campus Safari, strip 197)
  • He likes the Humans on Mars. Though weaker than Cyantians, they never give up, and they're amusing to watch. (Campus Safari, strip 377)
  • Has a habit of sleeping in his office while everyone else thinks he's working. (Campus Safari, strip 205, strip 478)
  • Though he loves Sheana, (Campus Safari, strip 465) he feels the present isn't the right time for marriage and kids, (Campus Safari, strip 461) feeling it could be decades before it's time. (Campus Safari, strip 463)
    • Claims he is ready to start courting her though. (Campus Safari, strip 464)
    • Feels the present isn't right because he currently has so much responsibility and pressure he can't even be himself, and if he didn't have them he would have married her already. (Campus Safari, strip 472)
    • It got to the point where Collin would confront him about the pressure he was putting on himself, even suggesting that he'd go out with the first girl he saw if Darius would be himself again. (Campus Safari, strip 479) Darius accepted. (Campus Safari, strip 480)
    • Their relationship has been going on for 15 years. (Campus Safari, strip 676)
    • Apparently liked her since he was a kid. Although he purposely avoided her, he would secretly give her gifts every Resolution Day. (Akaelae, strip 11)
  • Likes being the center of attention - any attention. (Akaelae, strip 86)
  • Even though he often is, he hates being late. (Akaelae, strip 157)

Known traits and abilities

Young Darius Akaelae.jpg
  • He's a little bit hot headed. He thinks he knows everything and doesn't usually stand still long enough to be proven wrong.
  • Darius, being a wolf in everything down to nature, functions best when working with others. There are times he WILL be reckless, but he is not ever stupid. Kel, Darius, Celina and Sheana bring out the best in each other when together, because they ARE a pack.
  • He has a photographic memory and is very well learned. Feels that because of it he knows everything, even if he doesn't always understand it. (Akaelae, strip 1) He enjoys showing off his knowledge. (Akaelae, strip 36)
  • While in school in Akaelae he enjoyed getting into fights, (Akaelae, strip 478) provoking others into challenging him. (Akaelae, strip 479) He doesn't see it as being a bully since he doesn't take anything from them, and has no desire to be an Alpha. (Akaelae, strip 480) Kela would point out that after he's beaten everyone up, someone who does want to be Alpha just has to beat him (and that he's one who can defeat him). (Akaelae, strip 481)
    • Syrys is one of the few he's not a match for in a spar. (Akaelae, strip 9)
  • Operates a Master Lift - Tivalo Class (in Campus Safari), which is one of two at the Academy, considered dangerous since they're alive in a way and hard to handle. (No Angel, strip 50) Used in restraining the rampant Flashback. (Campus Safari, strip 302-320)
    • Apparently it has teleport capabilities, and electric blasts.
  • He's straightforward, but he doesn't believe most things unless he sees them. He isn't phased easily though.


  • It isn't clear when Darius first appeared since Satin and Silk and Campus Safari originally ran parallel. The comics were then merged with each other.
    • First appeared stumbling around in Satin and Silk blinded by a camera flash. This is when Marcus and possibly Jules had taken a snapshot of him. (Campus Safari, strip 84)
    • Also first appeared in Campus Safari comic strip, sneaking up on Rad and Mako before rescuing them. (Campus Safari, strip 106) He would be photographed in that strip too (Campus Safari, strip 111) by Marcus and Jules. (Campus Safari, strip 115)
  • Was abducted by Parot previously, where his performance and audience rating had never been topped. Mina describes him as the leader of an elite colony, as well as an accomplished engineer, survivalist, artist, and explorer. (Campus Safari, strip 136)
    • Sharp point stick comment (Campus Safari, strip 163)
  • He was put in charge of Mars Academy by Alpha because he had the most experience in dealing with humans, and it was thought he'd be more personal with the staff and students. (Campus Safari, strip 205) Prior to that, he was a grav-ball player. (Campus Safari, strip 605) The position was to be a temporary one though, and Kela was sending a replacement for him, as he promised. (Campus Safari, strip 653) After his replacement came, he was to move on with the plan for contact with Earth - a plan he was beginning to have doubts about, feeling they weren't ready for contact, the humans weren't ready to be contacted, and Sean might not be able to handle the situation, especially with his bad experiences with the AMIB. There is political pressure behind it though, as Council members are questioning their presence near Earth and whether the benefits outweigh the potential costs. (Campus Safari, strip 654) In fact, he was beginning to feel a little burned out about Earth, feeling the exciting opportunity had become a headache, and the only reason he hasn't gone back to Cyantia is because of the kids. (Campus Safari, strip 655)
    • Sheana mentions she doesn't know why he took the position since he doesn't like to be in command, but seemed to be devoting all his time to it. (Campus Safari, strip 662)
  • He assumed full responsibility for Tae and Kea after the death of their parents. (Campus Safari, strip 397)
  • He had volunteered to be a godparent to one of Tamera's kits if one's white for tradition, though not realizing at the time he agreed to it he would have to be present at their birth. (Campus Safari, strip 403) Since a white was born, he got the job. (Campus Safari, strip 410)

  • First appeared in Campus Safari 2.0 napping in his office while Sheana was getting ready to meet him elsewhere for lunch. (CS2 Chapter 1, strip 1)
  • Was quick to discover the energy surge that accompanied the teleport of Chatin and friends, as well as who was missing. (CS2, Chapter 5, strip 6) Would be frustrated by the protocols that prevented him from going to Earth and retrieve them, even though he knew their general location, since they didn't have the procedures in place to retrieve them without being detected. (CS2, Chapter 6, strip 1) Since Humans can track their engines, they have to move fast, and to move fast they need exact coordinates... which they need to be on Earth to get since their locator chips were removed years prior after being compromised. Which led him to seriously consider Quinn's idea that they go to Earth where she and Collin could retrieve them while their ships are out enough to lead the trackers away.(CS2, Chapter 6, strip 2)

  • First appeared in Genoworks Saga sneaking up on Sheana, Celina, and Kel while they tried to show Cilke and Quinn how to build a snow wolf. (Genoworks Saga, strip 182)
    • Already had a preference for running around without clothes (clothes are girly). (Genoworks Saga, strip 185)

  • His first appearance in Akaelae was rescuing a young Fringe Deer . (Akaelae, strip 2)
  • Was annoyed by his slow growth rate, and how the other male Wolves would call him 'Puppy' since he was a foot shorter that they were, among other names, and how it would upset his family when he felt compelled to prove them wrong. (Darius, strip 5)
  • Wanted to be a perimeter guard like his father when he was younger, (Akaelae, strip 5) but was sent to transitional school anyway in case he changed his mind later. (Akaelae, strip 9)
  • Apparently he has been constantly stalked by Sheana before even knowing her.
  • Got called to the Digiboard twice on his first day of class. Celina comments it's because he likes to cause trouble to get attention. (Akaelae, strip 92)
  • His biggest dislike of taking Ravon to the park is that girls hang out in the park, Ravon attracts their attention, and then they try to talk to him, (Akaelae, strip 107) crowding him and making him feel trapped. Plus they like treating him like a cub. (Akaelae, strip 108)
    • Apparently never developed a good relationship with Efram. (Akaelae, strip 112)
  • Has lost enough slimboards that he's hesitant to tell his mother when he's lost another one. (Akaelae, strip 155)
  • His Headmaster at the time was a Quille Vizone. (Akaelae, strip 156)
  • Had a two room place on his grandfather's property where he played with his friends (Akaelae, strip 168), brought the homeless Vin there to stay, (Akaelae, strip 170) only to find Darrik camping there as well. (Akaelae, 173) Decides to bring them both to Akaelae Towers. (Akaelae, strip 177)

  • His first appearance in Darius is of him dreaming of running naked through the woods while giving a back-story on his family. (Darius, strip 4)
  • Apparently had a habit of sneaking out during the night. (Darius, strip 8)
  • On his Birthday he got his favorite treats all day. (Darius, strip 9) He also received a special Stick from Alpha Akaelae, (Darius, strip 49) which unlike Training Staves which can only change length and height, or Combat Staves which only turn into points and hooks on the end, is the first of its kind which can alter into any shape he can think of. (Darius, strip 54) Syrys gave him a Competition Grav-Board, which you need if you wish to try out for the school Team. (Darius, strip 52) His parents gave him a pet Shivae. (Darius, strip 59) They picked her up from a shelter from the lower levels, and though she had wings, she would never fly, (Darius, strip 60) having hatched from a crushed egg in which her wings had been broken and not healed properly. (Darius, Strip 61)
  • Knowing something irritates Celina, makes him want to do it all the more. (Darius, strip 13)
  • Unlike his friends, he was not pleased at receiving an invitation to a Special Training Course, as his plans to become a Perimeter Guard did not include a trip to Avistary. (Darius, strip 33) Sheana's enthusiasm made him want to go even less. (Darius, strip 34) Kel pointed out to him that he should consider it, since it would look good to the Guard School to know that the Avistary Academy was interested in him. (Darius, strip 35)
  • His parents decided that at the end of the current school session they would move to Larie Lake so he could spend the Fall Break on the Perimeter, (Darius, strip 56) (A 3 week break (Darius, strip 31)) though they would be moving back for the Full Fall Session. (Darius, strip 57)

  • His first appearance in No Angel was when Silver let him into Marcus's room to invite Marcus and Jules to join him for dinner. (No Angel, strip 17)

  • His first appearance in Cesilee's Diary involved ordering Khaelis to accompany Jules into Vixen's Secrets...a female store, because he found the scenario amusing. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 28)
  • Has a Galaxy Shivae named Solar from the 'My Little Shivae' line. (Campus Safari, strip 529)
  • Darius's name comes from the last Persian king.
  • Fun trivia: Darius was kidnapped by Rama in an early version of Akaelae.

  • How Darius' Staff works: "They do whatever I tell them to do then talk back to me constantly."
  • How Darius' Other Staff works: That staff is a liquid metal staff, it changes shape, size, etc, depending on electrical impulses and acts almost like an extension of Darius. The liquid metal staff is actually carried around in a capsule form, about an inch in diameter and four inches long. It's compressed into this form and will only change form when held in the hand of someone trained to use it. ANYONE can use one, because it acts on the electrical impulses natural in the body as an extension, like an arm. Of course, you only get a staff if you don't have the uplink that Darius and all of the Elite have. Kind of like an on and off switch.
  • Darius' staff can change shape, size, etc by simply pulling and changing matter around the ends, which also means that he can cause considerable damage to anyone or anything just by sticking the charging end against them. It's a VERY powerful weapon and takes a lot of skill to master. It's also restricted. Your average student will have a simple staff if they want to train in it that can change length and thickness, but nothing more. Technomages of course, can manipulate them to Darius' level.
  • Was woken by Kesh in a 'unique' manner (The School's under attack! Half the school's gone! The horror!!!) when he overslept (Campus Safari, strip 559) - though he didn't seem to remember it when awake. (Campus Safari, strip 560) She possibly works under him as she keeps calling him 'sir'.
  • Syke shades him with brown.
  • Syke has plans for him in a time travel storyline that she states both that she'll never do, and is too nifty to never do. Darius, a couple hundred years into the future had his back broken and is in a wheelchair... and that's as far as she's posted. May possibly be a side story.


  • SPike draws Darius with black markings on the base of the snout which started out as a mistake. Then again, to quote Syke: "I always thought they were shadows. ;) If you notice, they occasionally pop up on Darius and other characters, even when I draw them."