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Future Arcs

  • Darius - Darius is NOT happy with how things turned out in the first arc of Darius and it’s beginning to show as the normally cheerful wolf turns sullen, angry and defiant at what is being asked of him that goes against what he simply WANTS to do. He doesn’t want or need his life planned out for him by others.
  • Vincent and Filaire - Vincent is taken on the start of a very long journey with Filaire where he might just learn a thing or two about independence and his own abilities. Where that journey leads is fully up to him.
  • Riven Valdor - We’ve met Riven only briefly. He’s the heavily scarred fox kit who was being kept in Rama’s camp for unknown reasons and despite his fur color, shoved to the bottom of the order for non compliance. He has a few secrets and his presence goes against what is commonly known about Fox Elite. Following, may either be a story of how he ended up with Rama and then his new life in the towers.