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A product of bad coding, this 'entity' plagues Shira Lexx. (AD Day 20, strip 151) It is filled with a hate for everything and loathing that plagues Lexx's mind and discourages him from having relationships with others. (AD Day 9, strip 36) It also encourages him to bottle up his emotions and hold in his anger, (AD Day 16, strip 5)

  • It's a malicious little imp. A distortion of a genetic memory meant to help Lexx. (AD day 20, strip 150)

When Chel disrupted a romantic scene with talks of the future, it was a cold voice telling him to just fly off the building and leave her there. Fair treatment for ruining the mood and rejecting his advances. (AD Day 18, strip 100)

When apart, it urged him not to contact Chel and let her contact him, even when he wanted to. (AD Day 20, strip 147)

Would eventually be confronted by the Soul Echo of Sicali Riane. (AD Day 20, strip 148)

  • Apparently when it is confused, it can fill Lexx's head with confusion as well. (AD Day 20, strip 149)

It has been mentioned elsewhere that its goal is to become the dominant personality and essentially become Lexx.

He claims he brings out the best in Lexx, and the darkness only responds to him and grows because it's there. Riane says he will destroy Lexx because he only encourages the darkness. (AD Day 22, strip 205)

It serves his purpose if Lexx were to lose control. (AD day 23, strip 65)

When Lexx was later injured, poisoned with Nanite poison, and to suppress the pain drugged to a point that he would not be conscious unless they administered the right combination of drugs, he would take control. (AD day 25, strip 44) Though Lexx should be resting, he would have him get up and move around, because he 'had things to do'... which made Stealth uneasy. (AD Day 25, strip 45) So he would walk through shadows to get away and be on his way. (AD Day 25, strip 46) He wanted to maintain control of Lexx's body, and figured the best way to do that was create a situation where Lexx wouldn't want to face life. (AD Day 25, strip 48) Serenity, and then Sirius would stop him from harming Chel, or from doing anything after the initial struggle, and he would recede back into Lexx's consciousness. (AD Day 25, strip 58)

The Architects would later come to correct Lexx's coding. Being bad code, he was deleted. (AD Day 25, strip 94)