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Short Biography


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David Stevenson
Student Technomage
Has dark brown eyes and shoulder length light-brown hair and a short goatee of the same color.


  • Appeared in Sink or Swim petting a Gryphon and stopping Ash from stealing his wallet with the comment "You know, strange girls putting their hands in my pockets tend to give me evil thoughts." (Sink or Swim, strip 78)

MARPG Profile

Full Name: David Stevenson
Species: Male Human
Age: 20
Type: Student
Function: Beginning Technomage
Quote: "As an Ancient Chinese proverb once said, 'What the $*^& ?!!'"
How much experience do you have with roleplaying? How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.? Been doing various Paper and Pencil RPGs for several years now - This is my First attempt at an Online one (other than some pitiful attempts with my high school group while I was at College via ICQ)

What is your character's personality? Outgoing and friendly. Generally a happy guy.

What things does he like? The new and exciting. After high school and various odd jobs for the past 2 years, life has gotten relatively ho-hum for him.

Dislike? People who sterotype others. He will like or dislike a person, but not a people, though he feels justified in forming opinions about his own kind (gender/race/species/ect)

What are the strong points of your character? Exceptional in Martial Arts due to years of Training. Also more intelligent than most people, but not especially technically inclined. (He can drive a car, but has to take it to a mechanic to fix "that unkita unkita sound"). His sense of humor and outgoing personality makes him a good people person.

Name one thing your character would never do and why. Harm another person except in self defence or defence of another. Grew up studying martial arts, and this is one of its creeds.

How does he interact with others? Uses his sense of Humor to try to break the ice with others (although this occasionally has had disasterous results). Outgoing and friendly to strangers. A happy person, he wants others to be happy.

What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at? Not particularly strong, but years studying martial arts has made him quicker and more agile that the average human, as well as teaching him human anatomy and giving him superb concentration, dedication, and endurance. Knows some degree of wilderness survival (month-long meditation retreats in the mountains). Good with people.

MENTION if they carry some sort of weapon. His martial arts training will suffice. He may end up getting one of those liquid-metal staffs used by some Cyantians.

Give an example description of your character. Just under 6 feet tall, 160 pounds. Has dark brown eyes and shoulder length light-brown hair and a short goatee of the same color. Has a scar encircling his right wrist, which will be explained in his past.

Why is it essential that your character be here in the Mars Academy? His "grandfather" was a personal friend to a small group of Cyantians. When his grandfather died, the Cyantians pulled some strings and got him enrolled in the academy.

What are their qualifications? High scores on the enterance exams. The enterance exam suggested Technomagery would be a good choice.

Traits useful to the future colony? Possible contact with Earth when (if) Cyantians open up relations, plus his technomage potential

Goals in being here? To do the best that he can on this new path in life. He hopes to do something for the good of the human race (and/or Cyantians now), have his name go down in the History books.

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of his/her species? Having seen firsthand mankind's greed, pride, and xenophobia over the course of his life, he feels that the human race will need to make some changes in order to realize its full potential.

What is his/her view on other species? All of the Cyantians he has had experience with have been welcoming and friendly. He tries not to judge them, because deep down inside, were all just people (in a manner of speaking).

Background Born on Earth, America, California in 1981. When he was still very young, his family was in a car wreck. David emerged slightly bruised and battered, however, his parents were killed. No other next of kin could be located, so he became a ward of the state. Grew up in an orphanige in Los Angeles until he was 12, at which point he was adopted by an elderly chinese man named Jacob Chung (he took an Americanized name serveral years ago), who David came to see as a Grandfather. David went to live with Jacob in a small city in the foothills of central California, where he continued his schooling and, under the guideing of Jacob, began to learn martial arts. The years passed relatively uneventfully, and he graduated High School in 1999.

His first contact with Cyantians occured when he was 17. Every summer, David and Jacob would go into the mountains for a month, meditating and living off the land. On this particular excursion, David was caught in a rockslide, and his right had was crushed and severed. When he regained conciousness, the first thing he saw was being in a stange hospital-type room with an Orange Fox watching over him. Naturally, waking up in a strange place, with a strange being, and one hand short of what he was born with, it was a bit hard for him to cope with at first ("What the $*^& are you and where the $*^& is my hand?!!"). After the tranquilizers wore off, Jacob told David that he had encountered a small group of Cyanthians several years ago when their ship crashed on Earth. Jacob gave them shelter and kept their existance a secret until their rescue arrived. The Cyantians had visited over the years, but Jacob kept them a secret from David. After apoligizing for the damage to the hospital room, the Cyanthians gave David a robotic prosthesis to replace his hand (covered in a skin layer a la Terminator to keep the fact hidden from other humans). Afterwards, the Cyantians would drop by whenever they were in the neighborhood to say Hi.

David finished the rest of High school uneventfully, deciding to stay at home with Jacob instead of going off to college, as Jacob's age was beginning to catch up with him. For the next 2 years, David had various small jobs around the city to support himself and Jacob.

Early 2001, Jacob's age finally caught up with him, and he passed on, being over a hundred years old as it turned out. When the Fox who had rescued him payed a visit, David broke the news. After inquiring as to David's plans for the future, of which he had none, the Fox mentioned an academy on Mars that had recently begun to recieve a select few humans. The Fox said he could pull some strings and get David in, but David said he must consider it. Even though his experiences over the years had taught him that humans as a whole were mostly concerned with little more than personal gain, he was loth to leave behind his people. The Fox told him to consider it while he would see what he could do with the admission. In parting, the Fox mentioned to be watchful of the AMIB, since they were becoming hostile towards humans who have had contact with the Cyantians.

The Fox was to return in a week. However, the AMIB had recently been monitoring this area and decided to pay David an unfriendly visit. David managed to escape to the nearby mountains, but ended up killing an MIB in the process. He lived in the woods for about the next week and a half until the Fox finally located him and picked him up ("Took a bit longer than I expected. Your house was set on fire, and the reports planted by the MIB said you were killed."). Knowing his last ties to Earth were severed, deciding to enroll in the Academy was an easy choice.

Shortly after arriving at the Academy, he was assigned a familiar - a young volcano gryphon he named Aidan.