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Short Biography


Caucasian. Short dark blonde hair. Wears glasses.
Head of the AMIB (in No Angel)


She has a special hatred for Darius and his friends due to an unspecified past encounter.

When Darius was younger, he had this innate ability to number 1) attract a crowd of females whose presence annoyed him so much he took up a pat response to them to get rid of them and number 2) any female of another species immediately hates him because he was much more blatant about things that annoyed him... and yes, he got Denise into massive trouble because she was as opportunistic as Jules and he screwed up her career... and inspired her to seek out the AMIB and join... and pretty much take over.

It was more personal to Denise, because nobody would believe her.

After capturing Jules, Sean, Stephen, and Braedon on Earth, she 'convinces' Jules to secretly work for her.


  • First appeared in No Angel confronting Jules, Sean, and Stephen who had just entered through a Gate into AMIB headquarters, and commented how nice it was for them to return the same way they had left. (No Angel, strip 133)
    • She gave orders to not let them escape, but not to kill them, for they needed at least one of them alive. (No Angel, strip 138)
  • She would track them down and capture them later, claiming she wasn't done with them when they had escaped from her before. (No Angel, strip 268)
  • She found out about Jules, (No Angel, strip 292) and made her an offer to work for them as an insider among the Cyantians, (No Angel, strip 294) with an especial interest in their technology. (No Angel, strip 295)