Dr Hobbes

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Dr Hobbes

She was the vet for Mittens, so when Stealth got hit by a car, Chel called her that she was bringing Mittens in for an emergency. (AD Day 15, strip 46)

She was in the waiting room when they approached, since she was on call and it was an emergency, but she could tell at a glance that what they were bringing in was not a cat. (AD Day 15, strip 47) Though she first thought it might be a mountain lion, once she examined Stealth, she wasn't sure how to treat her since she didn't know what kind of animal Stealth was, but since the injuries were severe, she decided to try... after giving a dose of sedative. (AD Day 15, strip 48) That caused Stealth to revert, and to add to that shock, at that point Fly jumped on the table and talked, (AD Day 15, strip 49) which of course led her to demand an explanation. (AD Day 15, strip 50)

With the blood spots on the floor and table from Stealth, she had some evidence of what she saw, but for now, she would be quiet about it. 'An amazing scientific find... and it guilts me into not saying a word!' Fly had been very convincing in pleading with her that they were harmless creatures. He had also spun a very quick tale about escaping from another human in another city with the cat. She wasn't sure if he was lying or always spoke like that. Dr. Hobbes was still trying to get over the fact that a strange looking squirrel was speaking to her in almost perfect English. As much as she wanted to keep him and call someone,... there were several problems with that. One being that Chel obviously did care about the animal, two being that it exhibited a clear sense of self. It would be like turning a person into a lab animal. But what was the purpose of the creation of this creature? Where had it come from? Dr. Hobbes decided to let Chel go. She knew where Chel lived and doubted that she would separate from the animals. If she found out something, she could always contact Chel's parents. (AD Day 15, strip 52)