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Also known as ERA, the Extraterrestrial Research and Acquisition is a branch of PSI, Paranormal Scientific Investigations. They recover evidence of extraterrestrials, and investigate the aliens who 'visit' Earth. (AD Day 21, strip 205)

Nearly everyone Chel knows is part of ERA. Victor had hopes for future involvement with his family before he found out Chel was involved with aliens. That was the way of his department. They liked to keep things within the family. (AD Day 20, strip 29)

They were feeling the need to move on this quickly. Some of the creatures they've received reports on have begun damaging crops in other countries and are causing a lot of problems, along with a large number of reports of strange creatures killing and eating people. (AD Day 21, strip 206) They didn't feel Chel was being mistreated, but also didn't know what was going on off the island, and were upset that aliens were using the planet as a theme park for their own entertainment. (AD Day 21, strip 207)

  • The damage being done included during one evening one Dice ate half a dozen sheep in Scotland, while in China another destroyed several dams and killed a number of people in the process. (AD Day 22, strip 26)

C.U.T. - the branch Keith is part of, has as one of the founding principles that the top priority of C.U.T. is to protect cryptids in their native habitats. (AD Day 22, strip 144) (Cryptid - Living specimen of species, which have been thought extinct and are thereby ruled under the general scientific field of Cryptozoology.)

Different departments do different things. Most of the resources are spent on crypto zoological populations. They research, keep tabs on creature locations, capture specimens, and in some cases, make contact. There are also paranormal phenomenon departments, UFOs, and parapsychology. (AD Day 26, strip 152)

They have several farm suppliers and a fishery that supplies them with food, all run by retired agents, including Chel's grandparents. (AD Day 26, strip 150)

Victor would require Chel to write a detailed report on everything that occurred each day since she met Lexx. (AD Day 25, strip 115) (With the knowledge that if she didn't, someone else from his department would be sent in to interview her.) He would be unable to help her with them since his hands would be full moving the family (at least temporarily), a requirement sometimes in their line of work. (AD Day 25, strip 116) (Probably because the aliens all knew where she lived)

  • Unlike the AMIB from the Cyantian Chronicles who are antagonistic, in the Alien Dice world, they're 'good', as in, they aren't going to purposely try to hurt the aliens. Or tick them off.

ERA and CAPE are at odds with each other. CAPE gets in ERA'S way, and think they can and should be involved in their work. (Which explains Victor's intense dislike of them, and why it was so serious when Primrose asked for their help.) (AD Day 27, strip 132)

  • ERA don't regard them with as much distrust as aliens because regular humans with superpowers are still human. Aliens are always alien and viewed with more suspicion.
  • ERA also doesn't like CAPE because it's ALWAYS about the money with them, and they won't help unless they get paid. (AD Day 27, strip 139)

Most of ERA's facilities are NOT located near large cities.

Known Members