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Planetary data
Mass 5.97 * 10^24 kg
Radius 6.38 * 10^6 m
Gravity 9.81 m/(s^2)
Density 5.49 * 10^3 kg/(m^3)
Orbital distance (average) 1.50 * 10^11 m

Earth is a place that shows up in some way in most of Syke's comics.

Earth in Cyantian Chronicles

In the Cyantian story-lines, it is mostly the same as the current modern day Earth we're on, complete with Roswell aliens and men in black trench coats out to save the world from the knowledge they don't want it to have. Most of the world is unaware of alien species, except for certain government agencies such as the MIB. The Cyantians do plan to initiate formal contact within the next few years though....

This isn't the MIB of the movies; they favor total planetary isolation from other worlds and are NOT happy with the Cyantians coming around. The AMIB are very well known by most officials, the CIA, and the police. They are told that when the AMIB decide to get involved that they are to let them do their business after verifying their identity as a member of the AMIB.

The Earth in the Cyantian universe is much like our own, but different in places. There is no United Nations (not mentioned in the comic, but brought up several times by the writer), though it hasn't been mentioned if it never came to be or simply fell apart some years ago. Instead, several global organizations help keep the nations getting along.

Humanity as a whole is unaware of life outside their planet, but there are some who are. Major governments know of evidence of aliens, but have not released the information to the public. Secret organizations such as the AMIB also cover up any evidence of aliens they come across and keep eyewitness silent one way or another. Astronomers in major observatories have noticed something is going on with Mars, but are keeping quiet due to pressure from their governments.

Some scientists have come across alien tech, most notably an experiment to manipulate human DNA using alien artifacts from the Roswell UFO crash.

Earth in Alien Dice

In the Alien Dice storylines, from our viewpoint it's the same, although there is an interstellar community that keeps aliens mostly away from Earth due to its low tech (and especially after a group of Littans had a feeding party leading to vampire myths in the past).

That doesn't mean it's been unvisited, Alien contact with the Earth had been more extensive than most knew. Skinwalkers, elves, fairies, unicorns, gryphons, ghosts, chupacabra ... vampires; They were all aliens. The federation tended to try to manipulate every world that joined with them to be just like them and agree with their laws. Earth, so far, wasn't advanced enough to be considered worthy of joining. (AD Day 1, strip 48)

Earth is a non contacted world and as such,.. they can come to it, but they're on their own. There's nothing valuable here to anyone, so it's safe. The Galactic Console only interferes when it deems necessary and then only secretly. When humans achieve true space capability, then and only then will official contact be made. (AD Day 12, strip 12) They are supposed to keep out of sight for their own safety. As for their technology - they consider it not to be useful to humans. It would take many lifetimes to figure out how the simplest device works, and they could make their own in less time. (AD Day 12, strip 13)

Earth is also declared out of bounty hunter jurisdiction and off-limits unless the pursued is a global threat. (AD Day 10, strip 35)

It is classified as a fringe world, level 10H, and has only recently become available for play to Alien Dice Players.

In the AD universe... Syke likes to operate on the notion that the government has technology levels it doesn't share with the public.

Earth in other comics

In Pure Earth was severely damaged (By a meteorite?), with the survivors developing city-states in the remaining habitable land and pushing for the development of advanced abilities.

Sivine Blades is possibly Earth having been severely damaged by... something. ^_^ It's a mix of modern Earth technology with classic medieval mythology.