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Elder 1.jpg

Rulers of the Sanctum within the ring of fire.(Vas, strip 377) Wanderers travel their entire breeding season to seek the elders and are often turned away. (Vas, strip 389)

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Ka would inform Taun that they were interested in meeting her.(Vas, strip 388) When she didn't go to meet them, they would come to see her. (Vas, strip 402) They came to see what they do not know, and considered what Taun was to be a riddle worth an early morning rise and walk to spend the rest of the day pondering, though they would not interrupt her journey. (Vas, strip 408) They planned to discover it, but since she would not stay until they had figured it out, they invited her to return when she was ready. (Vas, strip 409)

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The Shivae Elders are different types of Acid Whips.

The elders. They literally sit and digest food while thinking about various things all day. They also act as judges and teachers, but their favorite past time is slee-mediating. – Tiff