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Elites are not a separate species as such. They were created from the various races of the Immigrant Cyantians by a race of aliens. Not much is known about this race, except that the Cyantians refer to them as "the squid.". Elite wolves typically live from 800 to 1200 years during which time aging slows to a virtual halt. They age normally up to puberty, but puberty itself may last up to 100 years. However, once the elite state wears off in advanced age, they can go from young to very old over a matter of a few years. The Elites were originally created to be pit fighters and many of their abilities reflect that.

All Elites possess superior Characteristics, and a regenerative ability that functions only as long as they keep moving. As long as they are in movement, they will heal because this translates to being in battle and the more they heal, the longer they can fight. It stops the instant they stop moving as it's no longer necessary to drain their energy. This translates into an extremely high metabolism and need for high caloric intake as well as problems with dehydration if kept up for too long.

It is also a recessive trait, meaning that most of the cubs they have will be normal like the rest of the populace, but it seems to be even more so for the male half than the females. Alpha's son, Syrys, and two daughters, Sirene and Zaeus, are Genetic Elites out of all the children he has ever had (it is possible that he had more who were Genetic Elites, but it is unclear at the moment). Shean's son, Rama, and two daughters, Raire and Sheana are also Genetic Elites out of all of the possible children he has ever fathered. This same situation also applies to Rama in that his son, Vincent, and another unnamed daughter (who bore a striking resemblance to Raire in Rama's mind) are Genetic Elites out of the other children he has ever fathered. But all of Zaeus' children with the exception of Efram are Genetic Elites. This might be due to the possibility that only a fraction of a male Genetic Elite's sperm cells carry the Genetic Elite gene while the rest are normal; whereas most of a female Genetic Elite's ovum carry the Genetic Elite Gene. One has to wonder about the union of a male and female Genetic Elite. It is possible that all of their children will be Genetic Elites.

The Omega Elite Wolves refers not to status - it's simply a fact that they are always the LAST out of any situation. They're the last ones who still fight, the last ones who survive. They have been looked upon as pillars and normally un-named pillars except for the leaders in the group, the Akaelaes. The genetic elite among wolves are sometimes also referred to as Alphas.

Elite foxes have exceptional agility and endurance. Among the Fox, any White, Black or Silver Fox are Elite with a few yellow furred ones falling in that category, while golds carry a recessive form of it. Most elite foxes tend to live only to 120 years of age (Cyantian average), but remain young and healthy most of that time. However, once old age hits, they deteriorate fast and die within a few months. Black Fox have the ability to form energy out of the air around them and change it at their whim, converting it into one of two forms - energy or solid mass. *You can get quite a few good artists from the latter ability.* The simplest and most common use is that of energy blasts, which vary in power. (All black fox can do this, but only a quarter can go beyond it.) The number who can manipulate energy into solid, stable forms gets smaller as the complexity goes up, but it is possible for them to make simple devices, very much the same way that technomages work, only without the need of a familiar. With a familiar... black fox are an awesome figure to behold. It takes a lot of practice and concentration to use this ability, and most won't do it unless it's a last resort or to protect themselves. It's this ability that was the cause of their near genocide.

Mounties age slower, because they have a advanced healing factor. If there are any Elite still living among the Mounties, they're well hidden. They were kinda ... shunned for the ability and went to live up north.

The Koyoti strain is still present in one family line. Koyoti can essentially teleport anywhere they want to within a certain distance, at least... those with the gene. A coy-Fox by the name of Risk is the only Elite Koyoti and he's a halfbreed through engineering.

The Jakyal are extinct, except for one, who is a descendant. She's capable of enhanced speed, healing and long life.

The only Ram left is still alive out there, somewhere. He's the most powerful physically and while he's old, is actually aging slower than the wolves. He just wants to be left alone to see over his people.

There were originally six Rabbits. Nobody really knows how many descendants they have had, or just what their abilities are.

Elite (soldiers)

The Cyantia Elite also refers to those who fight alongside or serve with The Elite. They are trained by them and anyone who goes to the Academy wants to become one of The Elite. It's also a way to keep the 'pure' Elite from looking as though they are taking advantage of their physical and mental capabilities. They try not to seem as more than they are or better than those who are not as well endowed. Being RAISED by an Elite member automatically makes one an Elite because they are taught everything they need to know from them. Chatin and Cilke are both Elite because they were brought up that way. Others become Elite through training and the Academy. I suppose you could think of them in the same way you think of the Marines and Seals. They're the best at what they do, although also taught not to abuse it. *Of course, not all listen to that. Everyone's different. Case in point - Rama Tibal* Another reason is to take away the stigma attached to the 'pure' Elite.


When the Rumuah came to Cyantia to settle there, they found a planet teaming with life, both in the oceans and on land, both sentient and non sentient. They never made contact with this life however, remaining to themselves, and designing their own servants out of genetic stock brought with them from Terra. As a result, no one knows what happened to the Rumuah, they simply disappeared. They left behind them their genetically engineered servants, who spread across the land, making it their own.