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Short Biography


Ellys Tescre
Black Fox
Black all over except for white markings on her ears, eyes, muzzle, and tail tip. White hair
16 during Gralen Cragg Hall (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 68)
Princess of the former Kingdom of Scri (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 66)


  • First appeared in Gralen Cragg Hall being arrogant towards Dittm, (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 64) refusing to use his name despite having been told it repeatedly. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 65)
  • Did not want the others at Gralen Cragg to know she was a princess. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 67)
  • Saw no problem being out and about while scent-dropping since the Mounties didn't notice, and the male Fox kits were too young to care. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 69)
  • When she tried to flirt with Dittm while scent-dropping (in heat), he forcefully rejected her. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 70)
  • Dejected, she jumped off a high wall in response and was seriously injured. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 73, strip 79)
  • Conceited and obnoxious
  • Came to the same Mounty hall as Tira and Dittm