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Short Biography


African-American. Her hair is straightened, highlighted with light brown, and brushed back. Bears a scar on the right side of her face, courtesy of Silver. Light brown eyes.
Hunter for the AMIB (in No Angel)

She would be introduced from the onstart after tracking Braedon down to the abandoned house where Sean, Stephen, and Jules were hiding out with him (No Angel, strip 248) (she was the one who had set the trap for Braedon), then decides to capture Sean and Stephen too (whom they mutually know as later revealed (No Angel, strip 266)). (No Angel, strip 250) Sean manages to chase her away with a blast of energy. (No Angel, strip 263) She would return with the rest of the AMIB, including Denise, and captures them. (No Angel, strip 266)

As Ballistic and Silver are rescuing Jules, Evionne confronts them (No Angel, strip 307)(she bears a huge grudge against Silver over that scar (No Angel, strip 308)). Silver runs off with Evionne in hot pursuit, who then ends up capturing one of the Koyoti she stumbled across instead, (No Angel, strip 313) possibly believing it to be Silver.


  • Sees no challenge in hunting kids. (No Angel, strip 254)
  • Considers Braedon a poacher, thief, and possibly a murderer. (No Angel, strip 283)
  • First seen in No Angel clutching the trap Sean had mangled after releasing Braedon. (No Angel, strip 244)