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Short Biography


Gold Fox
White fur on the front, darker yellow in her pelt, female. Slightly shorter cream hair. Brown eyes.
Appeared in
Sink or Swim
Guard for Exotica Genoworks (Corporal)


Toni (associate), Gyette (superior)


She was part of the scouting group out looking for the ship that had their biounit, Nil, when they encountered the Kangaroos and asked if they had seen it. Then returned to base upon getting the answer 'no' from them. Only later on would she learn that the Kangaroos did indeed find the ship and take their biounit. With permission from Captian Gyette, she, with Toni in tow, would go to Centralis to find them. Their inside contacts at Akaelae Towers would lead them there to where they would witness Nil in their company. (Sink or Swim, strip 174) They know that their cover is blown, (Sink or Swim, strip 227) but this apparently will not stop them since they are now camped out from a vantage point to watch Akaelae Towers, waiting for the Kangaroos to leave with Nil so that they can intercept them (along with the 'Roos so that they can claim a bounty hunter bonus for bringing in each of the escaped "products" alive). (Sink or Swim, strip 317)


Known characteristics

  • No-nonsense and disciplined, she is ruthless in carrying out her duties. To the point of arrogance.
  • Radiates an air of confidence about herself and seems to be calm even when something does not go right.

Known traits and abilities

  • Is an accomplished tracker and has many contacts that she can call upon.


  • First appeared in Sink or Swim reporting to Gyette that they found a signature field near the ship they had recovered missing its biounit that matched a transport they had contact with en route. (Sink or Swim, strip 145)
  • Only wanted Toni to accompany her just so that she could monitor "Yenna" (another biounit like Nil?). (Sink or Swim, strip 146)
  • She does display a rare sense of humor in that she jokes to Toni that if they were to catch an Omega Wolf off-guard, they will get a bonus. (Sink or Swim, strip 316)
    • Her real intention was to wait for their ship to leave, intercept it, retrieve the biounit, and claim a bounty hunter bonus for all Escaped Products they brought in alive. (Sink or Swim, strip 317)


  • There are two known foxes with the name Fairfax in Cyantian Chronicles, the other being Colonel Fairfax. It is not known if they are related, but they both work for Exotica Genoworks. Both soldiers of fortune the differences between them is in their gender, rank and fur color. It was believed to be a sudden change of mind by Spike but the change was deliberate.