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Short Biography


Fox (female)
Gold fur with beige markings and mask and brown markings on the backs of her ears, dark red hair. Striking blue eyes.
Appeared in 
Akaelae, Darius


Rama (superior), Niram (associate), Kamden (subordinate)


She meets Darrik on Earth and informs Rama of him.(Akaelae, strip 71) Rama tells her to take him with her. (Akaelae, strip 72) At first, she appears friendly, then changes her tone catching him in a lie (Akaelae, strip 75) and scenting other Fox upon him, and threatens him with her dual plasma blade,(Akaelae, strip 76) then stuns him and carries him to Cyantia. (Akaelae, strip 79)

Later on, she is in Centralis with Niram as they spy on Celina and Kela then instructs him to follow one of them to gather as much information on them that Rama needs. With Niram choosing Celina, she follows Kela. (Akaelae, strip 94)

And later still, she and Niram, along with another unnamed Fox, witness Rama killing Oran and Noira. (Akaelae, strip 145) Then told by Rama to watch Vin. (Akaelae, strip 146) (but the next morning her orders are apparent changed when she is seen following Darius). (Akaelae, strip 157)

She helps Niram capture Celina by spraying her with knockout gas. (Akaelae, strip 400) Unfortunately later they were attacked by Lan, who took Celina for herself. (Akaelae, strip 426)


Known characteristics

  • She has eschewed her caste to be a mercenary for hire.
  • Pragmatic and inwardly sensitive, she abhors torture, and has been witness to her fair share of it. She would rather kill quickly than see someone suffer.
  • Will do the same for others as she has witnessed them do in kind. (Darius, strip 293)

Known traits and abilities

  • Intelligent.
  • Experienced tracker.
  • Technomage (uses wand)


  • First appearance in Akaelae was her encounter with Darrik after he fell out of a tree, offering him a hand up. (Akaelae, strip 70)
  • Attracted to Niram(?)
  • First appearance in Darius was reporting to Rama that they had collected information on the cubs he had ordered them to follow. (Darius, strip 1)
  • Uses an electrical attack to subdue Celina when they were cubnapping them. (Darius, strip 123)
  • Is not intimidated by Kamden's abilities, and feels no qualms about harming him. (Darius, strip 179) The only reason she doesn't is because Rama won't allow her to do so. (Darius, strip 180)
  • She almost feels sorry for Vin when Rama takes a personal interest in him. (Darius, strip 190)
  • She is a follower of the Three Sisters, and as such, does not approve of Rama's intent to eat Melody. Especially since Melody and Kerie are hard workers. (Darius, strip 195)
  • When Rama expresses that he expects her to visit him at night, she refuses. (Darius, strip 196)
  • Feels that although Rama be refined, he has vulgar and disgusting notions. (Darius, strip 198)
  • She was once honorable and served the King, until he learned both her parents were Black. His actions has inspired her to revenge, and she would see him dead at any cost, even if it means she has to eat Rabbit or fall on her knees before Rama. (Darius, strip 198)
  • On learning of Syrys' invasion of Rama's camp to retrieve the cubs he had cubnapped, which they were in no position to defend against, she would go to confront Rama on it. (Darius, strip 252) She was not happy to learned he had rigged a bomb to blow up the entire camp. (Darius, strip 253) Unlike Rama, she would warn everyone there to evacuate. (Darius, strip 255)
  • After alerting the camp of the invasion and bomb, Filaire prepared for the very likely chance of capture by changing her appearance (by cutting her hair) AND scent, by removing her armor which was heavily scented to block her normal scent – common among Fox. (Darius, strip 272)
  • After escaping the camp, she planned to interfere with Rama's plans as much as she can, and suggested Vin come with her as she knows everything about Rama, (Darius, strip 303) while Rama will look for Vin first among the Akaelaes. (Darius, strip 302)

  • It was mentioned Kamden stole Filaire's technomage wand in his plan for revenge against her.
    • In Vincent and Filaire she would mention he stole her Focus Staff and discarded it several miles away in the woods. She was able to retrieve it because she knows where it is at all times. A Focus Staff is a special technomage tool made specifically for one user, and she warns Vincent not to attempt to use hers.