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Trasik, Riley, Biste, Mauki, Domic, Tairil, + one more brother
Primary Dice 

  • He has short cropped hair (at least to Littan standards),(AD Day 18, strip 24) and wears a monocle on his left eye. The monocle allows him to gauge energy levels. (AD Day 18, strip 38)
  • Rather than directly confronting Lexx to initiate his challenge, he waited several days for Lexx to come for Skri, then called his (two headed dragon) Dice (AD Day 18, strip 22) to grab Chel, (AD Day 18, strip 24) claiming it was to remove her from a dangerous situation. In truth, it was as a distraction for Lexx. (AD Day 18, strip 25) The Dice holding Chel likewise claimed they were ordered to drop her in the lake if they had to drop her, because they wished her no harm, and kept his tongue under her so she wouldn't be cut on his teeth. (AD Day 18, strip 26)
  • Did not consider it a good place for his Dice to fight against Lexx, but felt he didn't have a choice, since he owed Trasik a favor. (AD Day 18, strip 25)
  • He doesn't believe in confining his Dice, so they had to wait for his Dice to arrive for the challenge. He also doesn't seem like the type interested in the Master Game, being uninterested in the battle with Lexx and forgoing the customary challenge. (AD Day 18, strip 32)
  • He raised his prize show dice Desirea from an egg, (AD Day 18, strip 33) and regrets being forced to send her against Lexx knowing that she'd be killed in the battle. (AD Day 18, strip 38)
  • First Appeared in AD Day 18, strip 22