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First in Command in the ADC, Andisel's Second

  • First seen approaching Shira Alyssa Kane, offering her a large amount of money, a ship, and her freedom (along with all her criminal records being erased) (AD Day 20, strip 102) if she would let them harvest her eggs. (AD Day 20, strip 103)
  • He was later seen reporting to Andisel that as soon as the human was out of view of the cameras, he would move in and handle her personally to put their plan into action, considering not succeeding to not be an option. (AD Day 22, strip 147)
  • In the old days he was a recruiter. He found Lexx, his sisters, and half the top players. He enjoyed the feeling of power he had when children he had caught, and those who only heard of him, feared him. (AD Day 22, strip 148)
  • Sent a robotic bird to spy on Chel. On noting that 2 of Lexx's Dice were present, he gave authorization to create a 'major malfunction' to take out both their recorders. (AD Day 22, strip 180)
  • When kidnapping Chel, he would leave a message that if they wanted her back, Lexx would have to go to the Trasik estate on Litta. (AD Day 22, strip 184)
  • He's a 'Pure Alpha Male'. (AD Day 22, strip 201)
  • He understands Andisel's hatred of Lexx, since he's been a thorn in their side, but is a little concerned about how focused she is on him when they had thousands of others they could bury him under. (AD day 25, strip 42)
    • How the whole situation is playing out weighed heavily on him and he was beginning to wonder if now was a good time to take a small ship and retire to some distant part of the universe where no one had even heard of Alien Dice. (AD Day 26, strip 1) He was not happy to hear Andisel had issued the Gauntlet, (AD Day 26, strip 3) especially in light that the Architects had interfered with their prior plan to be rid of him, (AD Day 26, strip 5) and that Andisel had declared he was to be Lexx's final challenger if he made it that far. (AD Day 26, strip 6)