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Short Biography


Scythetail/Acid Whip hybrid
Large, orange female, black horizontal stripe running across eyes and down the sides of her neck, scar across left eye, yellow eyes


  • Flar is one of Dior's mates, another of creatures created off a similar pattern to Dior. She is the lead female of Dior's mates.
  • Part of Lord Dior's herd
  • Had two eggs remaining after the cull, in the theory that fewer eggs would lead to stronger chicks. (Cler, strip 125)
  • Crushed all but one of Taun's eggs - considers Taun to be a freak (Cler, strip 125)
  • Forced Taun to carry one of her eggs to safety instead her own since she could only carry one while running from the Gurdan invasion, threatening to tear her wings and leave her if she didn't. (Cler, strip 130) She would not let Taun save her own egg until Flar's and Frag's eggs were safe. (Cler, strip 131) Taun smashed their eggs in revenge. (Cler, strip 134)