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Short Biography


Teal with gold trim
Known forms 
humanoid, spaceship, dragon
Male type 2 (extreme)


  • First appeared in Campus Safari being stolen by Zimae with the use of Jewel's teleportation. (Campus Safari, strip 273)
  • Whatever caught them in the past and shut them down was after him. (Campus Safari, strip 281) There were also odd creases in his armor that looked as if he had been restrained. (Campus Safari, strip 291)
  • He was the archiver. His job was to gather information so it would not be lost. However, if his neural network was tampered with, it would purge all records and he'd forget everything. (Campus Safari, strip 282) He worked as part of a trio with Triage and Trigger.
  • Zimae revived him... and the Tappers infecting him in the process. (Campus Safari, strip 297)
  • Being infected with Tappers made it hard for him to think, and he went on a rampage to get rid of them. (Campus Safari, strip 298)
  • Is 30 feet tall (Campus Safari, strip 309) and weighs 10 tons in dragon form. (Campus Safari, strip 320) Is also able to fill his wings with energy so he can fly. (Campus Safari, strip 317)
  • Triage and Trigger were hoping he retained his memories so they could return to Earth, find their ship, and complete their mission, for if he didn't they might be carrying a virus and they couldn't risk returning home and damaging the integrity of the Archive. (Campus Safari, strip 496)
  • Lost his memory and archives, though his backup codes are still intact. His systems are degrading however, and he was in a hurry to find their ship on Earth so they could make a full diagnostics... and without his memories he doesn't trust the Cyantians. (Campus Safari, strip 502, strip 503)