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Both wolves and felines will swish tails in a flirtatious manner. The wolves probably more so - the felines would be more inviting play with that kind of action. With Wolves it would be more flirting since wagging a tail shows happiness to begin with, and it's not quite the same with kitties.

A female will be more likely to flirt in that way than a male, while a Fox would probably be too 'rigid' to do that. They'd be more likely to do the turn and swish. Show off their poofy tails.

Mice tails are slightly prehensile. Not very strong, but you could pick up a pencil or tickle someone. It would be rather bold to flirt with a mouse tail.

Cyantians don't have lips, so kissing isn't really something they do. Licking would be a more common sense display of affection.