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The rest of the galaxy is very arrogant toward any non-contacted world based on the fact that they aren't ready to be contacted and should just be left to do whatever. They're more concerned with the worlds already in the consol. Official contact isn't made until a species achieves true space flight capability.

The Galactic Consol has no problems with people visiting Earth as long as they aren't doing things .... like the Littans did. They see it as more of an inspiration to humans to work on their space capability. They won't make any sort of formal contact though until they actually manage to make real space worthy vessels.

They don't consider lost items a problem because any technology they leave laying around is so far out there and in such a different make that by the time any human scientist could go through the trouble of figuring out the hardware, how it fits together and then deciphering the programming language, not to mention... the alien languages and mental thoughts that go into the design of something as simple as a dataplate, which even though they're small are extremely extravagant in the amount of information stored in them,... and not even noting the energy source... humans could make their own more easily. (AD Day 12, strip 13)

Earth is a non contacted world and as such they can come to it, but they're on their own. There's nothing valuable there to anyone, so it's safe. The Galactic Console only interferes when it deems necessary and then only secretly. When humans achieve true space capability, then and only then will official contact be made. (AD Day 12, strip 12) It is recommended that visitors keep out of sight from the native population for their own safety. (AD Day 12, strip 13)

  • It is also considered out of Bounty Hunter jurisdiction and off-limits for them to pursue their quarry, unless the one they pursue can be considered a global threat. (AD Day 10, strip 35)

There are protocols for entering a planet's space that was on the 'untouched' list. They include choosing a real course, not just approaching. Engaging the ship's cloaking systems, and avoiding satellites. One is also not to land in inhabited areas. (AD Day 25, strip 31)

There were laws that protected all worlds from invasion from other worlds. It just was not done. Any planet taking such an action was immediately open to being invaded themselves and having their planet scoured of resources and people scattered by more predatory civilizations that waited eagerly for anyone to unwisely break that universal treaty. (AD Day 23, strip 15)

Head-shots are illegal across the Galaxy. Projectiles are never to be used against another creature where their eyes or mental capacities are stored. It is considered quite barbaric to target these areas. It just isn't fair or proper to shoot someone there.

Most Rishans, Littans, Kourwine and Sairah were put into special educational programming depending on what they were to study and done by the age of 16 or 17. 'Public' education' was something for only those who couldn't afford a real education, or did not have desired skills. A student in the public school systems was not permanently banished to a poor paying job because of it. It was true that they would never be in a professional position, but they could go as far as they wanted,.. as a cook, mechanic or in a servile position. (AD Day 16, strip 12)

The body and mind are really the ONLY things any Rishan has that cannot be taken control of. There are laws, which are actually enforced concerning such things, and with their level of technology any violation of mind or body is easily tracked back.

This includes harvesting organs, or any part of them without their permission. (AD Day 11, strip 37)

There is a Galactic Registry which keeps records of everyone who was born and died, along with DNA tracers. The records cannot be altered, although some information can be restricted. (AD Day 10, strip 34)

Clones are cheap to produce. The only problem was that they looked exactly the same and it had long since been discovered that if you tampered with the DNA to make them look different, even with their expertise, other things changed as well. There was also a galaxy wide ban on cloning of complete beings and more than one corporation had been brought down because of it. The cost if they were caught far outweighed any savings. (AD Day 10, strip 44)

There are laws preventing employers from tapping the thoughts of their employees. (AD Day 11, strip 39)

The earrings that the ADC uses on it's employees are often seen as shameful for the one bearing them. Having one was bad enough, a mark of an indentured employee of this or that corporation. Two was worse, (such as the second audio ring some are forced to wear in addition to the tracking ring) because it could mark you as a criminal. Untrustworthy. (AD Day 11, strip 39)

Official Paperwork came on real paper. Digital paperwork was the norm for average things, but not those needing a physical signature. (AD Day 11, strip 48)