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The Gauntlet is an event so dangerous it has only been called twice in the early history of the ADC. Both ended in such disaster that another one has yet to be held. A Gauntlet situation is so intense and the conditions for the Dice so poor that in both instances of a Gauntlet being called the Dice turned on their Master players and killed them instead of their actual opponents, with the Dice dying as well - and was discontinued when the second one resulted in the death of also ten attending players. (AD Day 14, strip 27)

In the gauntlet situation, there was no way out. You had to fight continuously, with very little time to rest in between fights to heal properly. It had really messed up the first two participants physically and mentally to the point that they didn’t even consider giving up. They were trapped and reacted like trapped animals, taking out their pain and frustration on the true cause of their situation,… the master players in charge of the Dice. (AD Day 14, strip 27)

A Gauntlet is initiated by a player being 'called' by the ADC. Once a player has been called, he or she must fight for 24 hours straight, with only half-hour breaks between battles, which generally last one to two hours, resulting in nine to eighteen matches... or more. (AD Day 14, strip 27) If the 24 hours expires in the middle of a fight and the called player still stands, he or she wins the game. If an opposing player loses to the called player he or she may not try again, and if there are not enough opposing players, the called player may get longer breaks. A Gauntlet can take place anywhere, and the rules are exactly the same as normal play with the exception of the forced 24-hour time period.

  • There is also a timer running from the time when it is issued until the player has to show up for it. (AD Day 27, strip 49) (Possibly 24 hours, as Andisel says Lexx has 24 hours or less to live when she issues it against him. (AD Day 27, strip 48)
  • If they don't show up, they would be pursued, dragged back to the Gauntlet, and penalized. (AD Day 27, strip 50)

They've revised the rules so now the players sign a release form in case of their demise during it. If a player is called for a Gauntlet and wins, they win - it supersedes their contract, (AD Day 14, strip 28) and no other players may challenge him or her.

The Gauntlet would either put a swift end to the game, or be the final phase. If they called The Gauntlet, and he won, there would not be any more challenges. The ADC would still own him until he caught all the Dice, but it wouldn’t matter. He could catch them at his leisure and drag the game out until everyone became bored and had forgotten about him. Then, he could win and the ADC wouldn’t bother him. He would still have to do premium visitations and other such things in the contract, but the possibility of being captured by another alien player would be gone. (AD Day 20, strip 21)

They can only issue it against solo players, so joining an Arena Team would be one way to avoid having it called against you. (AD Day 14, strip 28)