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blonde hair, tan skin, hazel eyes, right-handed
Elven Thief/Adventurer

  • Cynical
  • Her name is pronounced jen-ay
  • Thieving elf who should be tied down and shot. She's a thief because she likes stealing things.
  • She's a nice enough ... person, but she is a thief and is more likely to try to avoid a fight and talk her way out of it than engage in hand to hand, not to say that she isn't a good fighter. She is if she has to be.
  • Traveling with Sivine, has a friendship with him, despite her dismay at his lack of interest in treasure.
    • Though her loyalty may be questionable, as she considered leaving him behind so she could escape when they were pursued by Hounds, (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 57) but she does come back for him. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 58)
  • Met Sivine when Genet attempted to rob Sivine while he was bathing in a pond. Genet tried to seduce him when they met... of course, she couldn't see all of him at the time, she stole his shirt.... (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 132)
  • Apparently lacks cooking skills. (Sivine Blades Arc 1, strip 144)
  • Developed an instant dislike of Troi from the moment she met him (which of course wasn't helped by her meeting him after he shot Sivine). She seems perpetually angry with him, and especially his flirting, though perhaps she may be protesting too much...