Great Mother

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Short Biography


Great mother.jpg
Great Mother
Northern Gryphon
Fluffy, large, pale grey with white underside and paws, lots of spots, dark brown beak and ears, cataract-covered eyes




  • First appeared in Shivae! chastising Iceclaw (whom she called her son) for making fun of Vas's claws - and lack of a grasping claw, when he asked to learn how to make fire, and asking Vas to come closer since she doesn't see well in her age. (Vas, strip 303)
  • She has no problem with Vas learning how to make fire, provided he respects how dangerous it can be. (Vas, strip 304)
  • The chicks also call her Great Mother, and ask her for a story. (Vas, strip 305) She tells them the story of Stormclaw and Nightwing, the gryphons who first came to the mountains they live in. (Vas, strip 306)
  • She seems to prefer to remain mostly covered by a fur, at least in the winter.