Hank Valpanix

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Short Biography


Hank valpanix.gif
Hank Valpanix
Orange Fox
Spiky hair, black ears, black markings on muzzle


  • First appeared in No Angel watching Nic and Jules argue, claiming it was a good way to study for Human Relations class. (No Angel, strip 120)
  • Also appeared in Cesilee's Diary in the Not A Chance chapter no longer online - he and his classmates were present when Marcus fell out of the tree after Galen stole his pants.

MARPG Profile

Hank Valpanix
Orange Fox
Student / Fur Technician
First-year / new guy
"We're studying human relations today in class and what better way to study than to watch humans relating!"

"You know, I could have a much better mental image of you if you'd just tell me what your real fur color is - but it's your call."

Inquisitive, too much so for his own good. A typical fox, basically!
Humans, Styling fur, etc.
Burnt fur, shavings, smelly chemicals.
Strong points
His points are very well-defined, nice and strong. Oh, you mean personality - he's inquisitive, willing to learn, and artistic.
Weak points
Sucker for a smile. Too inquisitive.
Never do
I'll have to go with kill or not feel bad when he screws up.
outgoing. says his mind.
talking. matching colors. embarrassing humans.
perhaps a pair of scissors or a trimmer if he's at work, but other than that no.
Standing at 5'2", his hair at first appears a bit messy, until you realize it's held there with meticulous care. Being a "fur technician" he must pride himself on his own appearance, and thus keeps himself at "show quality" all the time.

Unfortunately, this care for appearance does not translate into an accurate sense of time, and he is usually late for any event except his human relations classes. Studying the activities of humans is high on his list of priorities, and at any social event he will be taking down at least a few notes.

Sample activity
Hank darts into "The Mane" - he's late for work again. His tardiness does not impact his work, however, and his efforts are up to the high standard that all employees rise to. During the lulls, he chatters with his co-workers, gleaning as much information off of them as possible. More than likely he will cross a sore subject, but he backs off after some resistance. After all, sometimes when people say no, they mean they don't think you're interested enough, right? His home life is a more boring one, given to studying and experiments with colorings. Actually, it isn't all that boring, considering that he knows how to change someone's color from, say, black to, say, gold without any trace of them ever having been black-furred in the first place.
Why essential
A male to style fur, should someone be uncomfortable with Camie or Sym doing it
he's a first-year student, he needs qualifications?
Learn, find his life, find someone to give lots and lots of gifts to.
Views on Fox
"Fox - we're a rather diverse group. I think that abolishing the caste system is a good thing, and Kiet should be applauded for it. It's nice to know that the hunted colors survived, to some extent. I'd like to know what happened to Tira's eyes."
Views on others
"I bet they'd look good in this," he says, holding a bottle of fur dye. One can't make out the color exactly.