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Here's how to effectively use IRC:

Our channels is #ShivaeStudios and it is recommended that you use an IRC client.

General Commands

Message Action
/join <channel name> Opens a window conneting you to the specified chat room
/nick <nickname> Changes your nickname to the new name specified in <nickname>
/msg <username> <message text> Sends a private message to the user specified in <username>
/me <action> Prints a message in the chat room that says you are performing the given action specified in <action>
/quit <message> Closes your connection and exits your chat program, displaying <message> as you quit.
/part or /leave [<channel>] Causes you to leave only the channel you're in (in some IRC clients), or the channel specified.


In some IRC clients, "/msg NickServ" can be shortened to "/ns".
Message Action
/msg NickServ REGISTER <password> Protects your current nickname with a password
/msg NickServ DROP <password> Unprotects your nickname so that anyone can use it
/msg NickServ IDENTIFY <password> Identifies you as your current nickname
/msg NickServ ACCESS add/del/list <mask> Allows the given hostmasks to use your nickname
/msg NickServ SET <option> <parameter> Sets different options and preferences for your nickname
/msg NickServ LIST <word> Lists all registered nicknames containing the given word
/msg NickServ RECOVER <nickname> <password> Kicks a user using your registered nickname
/msg NickServ RELEASE <nickname> <password> Gives you back your own nickname after RECOVER
/msg NickServ GHOST <nickname> <password> Kicks a ghost, a nickname left idlely online by accident
/msg NickServ INFO <nickname> Gives you information about a given nickname
/msg NickServ LINK <nickname> <password> Directs your nickname to another given nickname
/msg NickServ UNLINK <nickname> <password> Cancels the direction of your nickname to another


In some IRC clients, "/msg ChanServ" can be shortened to "/cs".

Note: Only IRC users with operational status or higher have total access to ChanServ. Bold commands are acessible by anyone.

Message Action
/msg ChanServ REGISTER <#channel> <password> Saves the given channel as yours officially with the given password
/msg ChanServ DROP <#channel> <password> Deletes the fact that you own the given channel
/msg ChanServ IDENTIFY <#channel> <password> Recognizes you as the contact for the given channel
/msg ChanServ SET <#channel> <option> <parameter> Sets various options for the given channel
/msg ChanServ ACCESS <#channel> add/del/list <mask> <level> Gives the given mask the given level of access to the given channel
/msg ChanServ AUTOREM <#channel> add/del/list <mask> Bans the given hostmask upon joining the given channel
/msg ChanServ LEVEL <#channel> set/reset/list <index> <level> Sets the given level index to the given number for the given channel
/msg ChanServ LIST <word> Lists all registered channels containing the given word
/msg ChanServ INFO <#channel> Gives information about the given channel
/msg ChanServ GETKEY <#channel> Gets the password for the given channel in +k mode
/msg ChanServ INVITE <#channel> Invites you to the given channel in +i mode
/msg ChanServ OP <#channel> Gives you operational status on the given channel
/msg ChanServ VOICE <#channel> <nickname> Voices the given nickname for the given channel
/msg ChanServ UNBAN <#channel> Erases every ban matching your hostmask for the given channel
/msg ChanServ CLEAR <#channel> ops/voices/modes/bans/users/all Clears the given options for the given channel