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World of PURE History

Up until the 1800s, historywise, the world of PURE's history is almost identical to the Earth we know. The only differences involve maps and some locations. They keep the same calendars and time that we utilize.

The 1800s were relatively quiet, without any major conflicts. Small skirmishes between borders did occur, but due to an abundance of resources in all lands, nothing serious occurred.

Early in the 1900s there was a major war and dissent amongst the citizens of the various nations as a movement began to start classifying people based on their abilities. Two countries/citystates, Canada and New America were the first to adopt this classification, delegating different levels of citizenship based on abilities. Those without any 'abilities' as defined by the laws were at the lowest level of citizenship and referred to as commoners since they outnumbered those with abilities.

At that time, Texas was a country like any of the others and went to war with Canada and New America (Along with the now nonexistant citystates of Germany, Spain and Mexico. Their forces were decimated and their major cities razed to the ground, scattering the people of Texas around their territory, which was declared unclean due to a biological weapon of mass destruction which infected numerous commoners and turned them into "Horrors". (It is not known where the weapon originated. There are rumors that it was an experiment on the Texas side to give their commoners abilities. The "Horrors" ARE stronger than commoners and many of those with abilities, but they also suffer various degrees of psychosis.)

These "Horrors" include, but are not limited to: Skinners, Wasted and Forsaken.

Following the war, in 1902, a black year for humanity, the rights of commoners to own land or vote were stripped. Many commoners left the major citystates and ventured into Texas despite the dangers.

The 1920's marked the first passage of the 'PURE laws' in Old America. Fearful of the other countries possible invasion intentions, the people of Old America decided to purge anyone without an acceptable ability from their society. They were sent to Texas with supplies and abandoned. Later in the decade, New America instituted the start of executing those who did not pass standardized ability tests. They considered this more humane than sending them to live in the Wasteland.

Soon other citystates followed their example.

Over the following generations, regulations have tightened and the citystates 'tolerate' each other as long as their resources hold out. Around the world, resources are noticeably disappearing. The summers are hotter and the winters colder than they once were. Strange afflictions infect crops and wild life. Available water resources are beginning to wane and no one is sure where the problem is. The problems seem to be increasing exponentially every few years, and on occasion improve - then drastically get worse. There is not an explanation.