Instructor Grivaour

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Short Biography


Instructor grivaour.jpg
Instructor Grivaour
She's an oddly colored wolf. Her fur was an unusual rich red color that wasn't a common shade among wolves, with a cream underside. Her hair was dyed a dark blue and swept neatly behind her back. She was wearing ornate ear shields with dangling ornaments on her ears and robed in black and gold. She has green eyes, the back of her ears are golden.
Instructor of the Arithmetic, Languages and Cultural Studies class at the Transitional school


  • First Akaelae appearance was calling up Chatin and Darius in front of the class and quizzing them for talking during class (though Darius was the one talking to Chatin). (Akaelae, strip 83) She didn't feel Chatin was a problem, but was surprised that Darius knew the material. (Akaelae, strip 84)
  • Calm, but doesn't like students talking in her class