Jonathan Ritter

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Jonathan Ritter
ERA (Extraterrestrial Research and Acquisition)
Keith Ritter

  • First seen in AD Day 26, strip 31
  • His plan was to hide the dramatic arrival of Korbaen Dasch and Shira Alyssa Kane as a publicity stunt for a movie. (AD Day 26, strip 37)
    • He would secretly feed Korbaen lines to say on talk shows to make him a convincing actor. (AD Day 26, strip 117)
  • This was a game he enjoyed. Working the best ways to convince a public more eager to believe an elaborate ploy than the truth that was right in front of them. His job was a little more difficult nowadays since phones and tablets have high quality cameras rather than the grainy video of days past, so having the two help in the deception was necessary. (AD Day 26, strip 38)