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Short Biography


Joshua prowell.gif
Joshua A Prowell
Black Panther
Indigo black fur and shoulderblade length hair kept pulled back in a ponytail, a single gold loop hang from his left ear. Bangs hang down to his jaw in front of bright apple green eyes.


  • Appeared in Sink or Swim trying to make a deal with Ash (Sink or Swim, strip 78) - he wanted her to help him smuggle cola from Earth, but she stole his dataplate instead. (Sink or Swim, strip 79)

MARPG Profile

full name - Joshua A Prowell
species - Black Panther
age - appears 22 (actual age 45 cycles, 90 earth years)
type - lost/active student
function - was a ship captian, now unsure
division - as above
qoute - (in reply to the question 'are you ready?') No, but that never stopped me before.

past XP - computer/video game rpg's, w/ almost ten years of D&D going from the old school boxed sets to the new 3rd Ed.. No MUD/MUCK/etc. XP.

personality - strong willed, strong sense of responesability, very secretive about personal history. basicly a nice, outgoing (readily admits to being a flirt w/ the girls) guy as long as you don't ask too many wrong questions.

likes - girls, space tarvel, music (equivalent to, but not limited to earth's limp bizkit/linkin park/metallica type), showing-off, and did i mention girls. dislikes - bullies, government, others who show-off, and that little bit of food that get caught in your teeth that you can only just barely reach with your tounge when you can't find a toothpick.

strong points - not typing, determind when put to something, willing to sacrifice self for others, good listener, see also personality

interaction - never judges anyone by face value, nor does he ever fully trust anyone. seen too many times what that can lead to. (not easy to forget when your newlywed wife tries to kill you half way through the honeymoon.)

abilities - had some magical abilities prier to dimensional shift, but have not remanifested. genetic tampering invetro resulted in above normal strengh, speed, agility, and senses as well as slowed down ageing. hobbies - music, games and flirting good at - trained in variuos ranged and melee weapons, learns new ones quickly

weapons - currently armed only w/ his teeth and claws which are more then enough to get through any light armour, but was armed with a multi-pased/rapid pulse hard-light atuo-laser pistol which was subsiqently confiscated and currently being revese-engineered by techies.

description - Joshua was the proud captian of a infamous outlaw ship. standing at 6'1.5" his fur is short and indigo black as is the shoulderblade length hair he keeps pulled back in a ponytail (no its not braided). a single gold loop hang from his left ear. bangs hang down to his jaw in front of bright apple green eyes. he carries himself in a casual manner so as to keep others at ease while he watches how they act and carry themselves.

why he's there - being that he arrived here by accident it can't be said that he's essential, but after a rough start (dimensional shifting is not fun nor easy, imagine have your soul, your very spirit ripped from your boby then felling your body forced through a flour strainer then followed by your spirit, and then having it all shoved back together into what feels like one big lump. then having three whole tazer batteries drained in the process of seduating the fear, pain and confusion fed aderinnaline pumped visiter.) Joshua is willing to learn about this whole new universe while searching for a way home. he's also more then happy to apologise to the 4 secerity personal he injured during his little fit. qualifications/traits - having been a captain at home Joshua is more then happy to sit back and let someone else be in charge for a change. till he learns more about local rules and customs he enjoys the thought of possibly being a student here (espesially if he happen to catch sight of Chatin or Cilke or any of the other females. he never did attend a real academy in his youth.)

Views on species - having come from a dimension where each species (of animal) originated from seperated world, resulting in, to date of his shift here, 3 intergalactic wars each time more more species taking sides (there were 2 main factions) Joshua had been a prototype for a super solider which was later discontinued, the attemped discontining of his life by those who had raised him tuaght Joshua not to judge on appearances, but by actions. he also learned that history can not be taken a face value because there are three sides to every story, and history books a written by the winners. this is also partial responsable for his deep rooted dislike of governments.

"History is much like an endless waltz. The three beats of War, Peace, and Revolution continue on forever." - Gundam-W: Endless Waltz