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Chill, Castle
A towering man who was endowed with a muscular frame that moved unnaturally fast. He was wearing a uniform of red, white, and blue. On top of that, he had a leather jacket that was covered with various advertisements.

  • Was brought in by Primrose once it was discovered Lexx could walk through walls. (AD Day 27, strip 122)
  • First appeared in Alien Dice entering the quarantine facility of the ERA (AD Day 27, strip 125)
  • He's the strongest of them, can move fast, and can fly. (AD Day 27, strip 134) Known to be invincible except for his eyes, (AD Day 27, strip 136) which is how he lost them. He sees in a different way now. (AD Day 27, strip 137) It's considered an improvement, since he was a huge jerk until he couldn't see who he was helping, but still has a massive ego. (AD Day 27, strip 138)
    • Anytime Justice is mentioned, he'll be referred to as a jerk, because he has no use for anyone who isn't family or a limited circle of friends and lets it be known. He's not a tool, he's just a jerk.

  • He's a big jerk. They tend to be just like real people and like getting paid... and selling advertisements on their uniforms. Those advertisements, they pay their salary and go into a fund to repair any property they might damage. So they have an incentive NOT TO DESTROY ENTIRE CITY BLOCKS.
  • They haven't interfered before because they're greedy and stick to cities and only do things they get paid for.
  • The only reason they have so much thought put into them is because they are part of another comic that Tiffany's been working on for years that she's never had time to work on.