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Short Biography


Kaemin Delas
Gold Fox
gold fur all over, pale hands, underside, and tail tip, black hair, brown eyes.
Appeared in 
Sink or Swim (Mist Memories, Shadows of Hope)
Valued guard for Randin Siere (but then forsook it).


Sina (gold vixen)
Kilan (gold son), Shadou (executed black kit), Miste (executed white kit)


He was on a trip for Exotica Genoworks where Ceigan had a crate with "dangerous animals" for him to deliver to Randin Siere. Unbeknownst to Ceigan, Kaemin had given up following his pelt coloration then and there. When left alone with the crate, he opened it to find a pair of Kangaroo kits to be used as pets for Randin's son (who had a habit of mistreating pets). That is when something inside him snapped and he suddenly developed the need to protect them and named them Shadou and Miste.

He stole the kits and snuck aboard the Independance behind Ash's back. When Ash returned aboard and sat down, he held a knife to her throat and demanded that she fly the ship to Centralis. But Ash overpowered him and disarmed him. Cere confronted him as well, but Kaemin had somehow got hold of one of Ricochete's guns and shot her in the side of the face. Fortunately, it was not serious.

Kaemin tried to escape and was again subdued by the 'roos by being knocked unconscious. That is when they discovered the kits in his backpack. When he finally regained consciousness, his mental stability had seemed to all but disappear as he claimed that the kits were his. When he was drugged, the truth finally came out.

He once had three kits that his wife had just bore: a gold, a black, and a white. The black and white had black skin, the mark of the elite, and were drowned in the river before his very eyes by his fellow Gold Fox who were on birth patrol. These two kangaroo kits resembled his doomed pair of kits, who were named Shadou and Miste. (Sink or Swim, strip 138)

In the end, he let the 'roos have them and returned to his own family, and later moved to Centralis with them.


Kaemin's family.jpg

Known characteristics

  • He had repressed his grief to the point that it ended up eventually boiling out of him as he would have nightmares. Then the two kangaroo kits finally burst it wide open.
  • First appeared in Sink or Swim waking from a nightmare on a Biskan Cruiser while en route to pick up a package for his employer Randin Siere before going on vacation. (Sink or Swim, strip 125)
  • Jealous of blue foxes, considering their lives to be easy with no danger or fighting. (Sink or Swim, strip 126)
  • Was surprised to see the kits that he picked up as pets for Randin's kits. (Sink or Swim, strip 129)
  • As a kit, his mother and father had often told stories of escaped Genoworks projects. Monsters that couldn't be contained within the walls and fences. They had told him that if he misbehaved the monsters would get him. (Sink or Swim, strip 129)
  • He felt he was a poor husband and father, and was surprised Sima and Kilan still wanted him around. (Sink or Swim, strip 131)
  • After naming Shadou and Miste after his dead kits, he worried about what would happen to them since Randin's kits severely mistreat their pets. (Sink or Swim, strip 131)
  • He decides to run off with them to protect them. (Sink or Swim, strip 132)
  • Not knowing how to fly a ship, and not having enough chits to charter a private flight, he decides hijacking a ship would be his best chance for escape - and picked Ash's supply shuttle as an easy target. (Sink or Swim, strip 134) She wasn't. (Sink or Swim, strip 136)
  • He ended up shooting Cere with a gun Ricochete had ordered that he found while locked in the cargo hold.
  • He related that he had arrived home late for the birth of his kits, only to arrive in time for the white and black kits to be thrown into the river by the Birth Patrol for having black skin, leaving them with a single gold kit. He let the roos take Shadou and Miste back to Centralis with them where they would be safe.