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Short Biography


Kamden, Camden
Grey with white muzzle and beard, long white hair, black squares around eyes, blue eyes


  • First appeared in Genoworks Saga meeting Collin and Quinn when they were thrust into the Sirac (reject?) room. (Genoworks Saga, strip 39)

  • First appeared in Darius with Filaire confronting Celina in the ambush of the cubs after the Foxes that Rama sent to kidnap them failed to do so, having underestimated their fighting abilities. (Darius, strip 119)
    • Was first mentioned by Brody after Brody met him, and lost to him. Brody mentioned he not only commanded the Lost, but could control them. (Darius, strip 100) He had power over the monsters in his realm, and while Marion was bad, she was nothing compared to Kamden... he's evil. (Darius, strip 102) He also felt Kamden was more dangerous to Quinn and Collin than anyone else if they met. (Darius, strip 103)
  • He apparently had the ability to make her horse see monsters and freak, (Darius, strip 120) and the summoning of spirits apparently drops the temperature in the area. (Darius, strip 121)
  • He was no match for the rock Sheana slung at his head though. (Darius, strip 122)
  • Claims his abilities would not work if he wore a helmet. (Darius, strip 178)
  • Both hates and fears Filaire. (Darius, strip 181)
  • Has the ability to phase through walls. (Darius, strip 183)
  • Has the ability to keep [[Quinn Akaelae|Quinn] from phasing away with Vin during Vin's confrontation with Rama. (Darius, strip 257)
    • Wasn't able to stop her from teleporting/slipping into another dimension alone though. Rama would order him to find her. (Darius, strip 259)
  • In his pursuit of Quinn, he would be ambushed by Collin, get a mental wipe, (Darius, strip 283) and dumped in a nearby village. (Darius, strip 285)

  • It has been mentioned one of the things he did for his revenge against Filaire was steal her Technomage wand.

  • His name was spelled Kamden in Darius, strip 178; Camden in Darius, strips 259, 260, 269.