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  • First seen watching the stars as part of the cargo for Lady Trasik's collection. (AD Day 22, strip 217)
    • Was the one of the batch of kids that 'Trasik' wanted... for Lexx (AD Day 24, strip 7)
  • Though told otherwise, she knows she was taken. She has a good memory and remembers her parents loved her. (AD Day 22, strip 220)
    • She was taken because she had a rare bloodline. (AD Day 22, strip 221)
  • Was once punished at the Academy by being put in solitary for three days. Her relay was cut off, and she was strapped in a chair and put in a sensory deprivation chamber so she couldn't move, touch, see, or hear, while being treated with drugs to keep her mind active. (AD Day 23, strip 8)
  • Responds to physical contact by going rigid, (AD Day 23, strip 8) and freaking out. (AD Day 23, strip 9)