Keith Ritter

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Keith Ritter
165 lbs
September 2
Male, tanned skin, hazel eyes, short bright red hair
Chalupa, Daeny
Jonathan Ritter

  • Character Sheet
  • Keith's father works with Victor Reid. As a result, he and Chel are old friends, though she hadn't seen him for a year. (AD Day 20, strip 108)
  • As a kid, he'd been obsessed with the X-Files. It was his dream to find the 'X-files' department in the FBI or whatever secret society that took care of them and work them. (AD Day 20, strip 121)
  • His father has him set up to do an internship in 'technology'. Every summer he would spend a month attending at some school in Pennsylvania to study 'technology', but would never be specific about it. (AD day 20, strip 121)
  • He knows the value of secrets and has kept every one that Chel has told him. (AD day 20, strip 124) Because of this, Chel felt she could tell him about what she's been doing over the summer. (AD Day 20, strip 125) He believed her, and invited her to dinner to tell him more about it. (AD Day 20, strip 127) At which point Andrea sprayed them with soda to disrupt the conversation. (AD day 20, strip 128)
  • He thinks of Chel as more than just a good friend. (AD Day 20, strip 132) He also has plans on inviting her to join his team. (AD Day 20, strip 134)
    • While traveling to rescue Chel, he would come to the realization that he was not the one she was waiting for, (AD Day 23, strip 98) and that Lexx was the one she wanted. (AD Day 23, strip 99)
    • While Lexx was injured, he would hang out with the Dice, not wanting to be a third wheel between Chel and her dad, or Chel and Lexx. (AD Day 25, strip 39)
  • He's been recruiting for his pet project - CUT. Victor Reid had told him Chel wasn't interested, but he contacted her anyway. (AD Day 21, strip 11)
  • First Appeared in AD Day 20, strip 107
  • He works as an intern in ERA. (AD Day 21, strip 204)
  • While he was qualified and licensed for a concealed firearm, he rarely carried one. The smell of gunpowder on his person made his particular area of study a little difficult to pursue. (AD Day 22, strip 22)
  • Thinks of Chalupa as a very smart toddler with feelings, and objects if people call her 'that thing' or 'it'. (AD Day 22, strip 170)
    • Since she's a member of an endangered species who was abandoned and left to die, he felt taking her would have no impact on the chupacabra population. He has no plans on ever returning her to the wild. (AD Day 22, strip 172)
    • He's her family now and chupacabra are elder-centric. They defer to their parents. And her species is very peaceful and docile. (AD Day 22, strip 173)
    • He's afraid his superiors are going to take Chalupa away someday. Keith had done a good job of convincing his superiors that Chalupa was harmless, even though most of his fellow agents would not go near the creature. It had taken several days to break the starving hatchling from nipping everyone who came near her. He had put up with a lot of teasing over the 'little bloodthirsty mutant parrot' which had made him very sensitive to comments about his misunderstood little pet. They refused to understand that the nipping was not an attempt to drink blood, just a natural reaction to things waving in front of her face that she couldn't see clearly. (AD Day 22, strip 179)
  • Has 2 german shepherds. The black and brown standard colored one named Hershey is fearful of Chalupa, having been bitten while he was bullying her. The solid black one with crystal blue eyes gets along well with her. (AD Day 22, strip 180)
  • He thinks of Claudia as the 'creepy touchy alien'. (AD Day 23, strip 100)
  • Keith isn’t one to jump to conclusions (except when feeling defensive, then he reacts a lot more impulsively.) Keith at the moment (during Claudia's exchange in Day 23, strips 100-104) is taking note of how the Dice are responding to Claudia and how Claudia is acting. He doesn’t like people who act like her and pretty much considers her a Paris Hilton level alien.
  • Due to his enthusiasm for having one, Zaile let him have a Relay (AD Day 26, strip 98)
  • He would offer to be the caretaker of Swiftpaw when everything is over, and Swift seemed to like the idea. (AD Day 26, strip 156)
    • When Chel pointed out that would separate Swift from Drift and Fly, Keith immediately said he'd get a house in the country and take all three. (AD Day 26, strip 158)