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Short Biography


Birth name 
Caite Medici
Kiet'sune Al'rashon (Kit raised by Rashon but not a real son)
White Fox (Elite)
Future / Current ruler of the Fox Empire


Engaged to 
Parin Medici (deceased)
Adoptive Father 
General Rashon


  • First appeared in Gralen Cragg Hall being betrothed to a very young Tira, despite his objections to her being a girl and a baby. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 2) (He wanted a Shivae instead. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 3))
  • His father had given him a dual blade, (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 19) though he hadn't much skill with it. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 23)
  • Was captured by General Rashon during the conquest of the palace. Became Rashon's pet project (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 28) and renamed Kiet Al'Rashon. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 29)
  • He was dyed red, (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 37) and underwent a thorough brainwashing session assisted by drugs. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 46, strip 48) Presumably, the brainwashing succeeded, and "Kiet" now thinks he is Rashon's son.
  • Rashon gave him a pet gryphon - Kiet named it Icewind. (Gralen Cragg Hall, strip 80)
  • Was dyed red (nicknamed 'Royal Red'). Color was maintained with vitamins and daily baths with red soap.

The Underground

  • Was off-world in a small spacecraft at the time the plague hit, did not learn of it or his father's death until his return.
  • Was still red at the time, and claimed a desire to abolish the caste system.
  • Met up with Tira and her band, left to ask the Wolves for help with driving off the Irincos.
  • Claimed to have no younger brothers, due to all sons born after the first in a royal family being killed off to prevent family quarrels over the throne.
  • Claimed to have never known his sisters, they were all sent to live in another city.