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Short Biography


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Tall and thin, gray skinned with white undersides, pale eyes, twins, they always travel together
Medical Students


  • First appeared in Campus Safari present in D-L-V-R-Y while Tamera had her kits. (Campus Safari, strip 404)
  • The player for these characters was also instrumental in gathering and organizing data for the predecessors to this wiki, most notably, the Cyantia Support Site and GURPS Cyantia... including The really big list of Cyantia Lifts and Guns

MARPG Profile

Full Name: Kika and Anka Krioka

Species: Neefla

Age: Physical - 21
Human equivalent - 28

Type: Graduate Student

Function: Medical Student,

Division: First year student, medical.

Anka: Kika, Kika! I finally got it to work!
Kika: Ohh? What's it do?
Anka: Ummmm.... Don't know, want some?
Kika: shrug Sure.

How much experience do you have with role-playing? ~18 years.

How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc? The last ~2 years.

Give an example description of your character: Kika and Anka are twin Neefla, they are tall for Neefla, and incredibly thin for their species. Kika's actions are generally slow and smooth, where Anka doesn't ever seem to sit still. This is the primary way to tell them appart as they ae otherwise completely identical. They emerged from the ocean one day, and applied to Mars Academy. As they possessed a somewhat impressive list of credentials, as well as scoring outstanding scores on the entrance exams, they were allowed in. They're application was helped by the fact that as well as being medical students, and therefore eventually helpful to the colony as doctors, and skilled at the creation of Biostructs, (effectively bacterial nanites) .

What is your character's personality? Anka is always excited about everything. There is nothing that doesn't remind her of something else. She tends to be a little careless, secure in the knowledge that her phenomenal physical reflexes will save her in any situation, be it social, or physical. Kika is the opposite. Every thing she does is thought out, preplanned, she almost always acts after careful deliberation, lacking her sister's faster reflexes, and she is forced to rely more on her fast wits. Both use a sort of laid back, detached mock stupidity as camouflage, as they have found that most people respond to this by underestimating them. This gives them a feeling of safety, yet they find themselves annoyed that no one takes them seriously at times.

What things does s/he like? They like excitement, drama. They are actually fascinated with the chemical processes of the body, and the brain. They are both intensely interested in pharmaceuticals. They are never happier than when they are playing in the lab, inventing new biostructs.

What things does s/he dislike? Pain, either their own or other peoples. They will quite willingly inflict pain, but only if they are convinced that that is the only way to avoid more pain for someone. They cannot stand anybody or anything that would willingly inflict pain on another for the sole purpose of causing pain. They don't like people who assume they are stupid, even though they frequently act less intelligent than they are. They have a phobia of intrusive medical probing. They hate being touched or injected by any medic.

What are the strong points of your character? A real and driving desire to learn all they can. An almost obsessive interest in Bio chem, toxicology, and a genius for engineering Biostructs. Kika and Anka seem to have an impressive immunity to drugs.

Name one thing your character would never do and why: Never give drugs to anyone else who did not need them for strictly medical reasons. The twins are fully aware that their physiologies are no longer normal, and while they may take advantage of this to indulge themselves, they would never dispense a drug to someone that would harm that person. (Exception, the twins are firm believers in the tactics of Chemical warfare. They have no compunctions against using drugs against someone they regard as their enemy.)

How does s/he interact with others? Anka is friendly, happy amiable, quick to make friends. Kika is standoffish, distant, almost disconnected. Both tend to throw up multiple false facades...Appearing vague, ditzy and unconnected with reality.

What are their abilities, hobbies, and things they're good at? They are both brilliant Bioconstruct engineers and toxicologists, and have an encyclopedic knowledge of most every toxin native to Cyantia, as well as counteragents and side effects. Many of these substances they have experimented with on themselves. Both carry a supply of cigarette sized cylinders in silver cigarette cases. The cylinders contain a catalyst agent in a special tab on one end. Break the tab, and the catalyst converts the powder inside slowly into a gas. They use these in the place of cigarettes.

Recruiting class: (I'm not sure what belongs here.)

Goals in being here: Complete a medical degree, have fun, learn more about Human toxicology and Pharmacology. And their ongoing quest... develop the perfect "stuff" (K&A refer to all recreational pharmaceuticals and Biostructs as "stuff")

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of his/her species: K&A find most Neefla to be slightly humorless. This is scary considering that Neefla are one of the more laid back and jocular species. But other than that K&A move well amongst their kind.

What is his/her view on other species: K&A have not had much interaction with other species, they are cautious of Craith, but not quite to the point of paranoia.

The begining

(Note: the society depicted in this thread is but a small part of Neefla society, which is itself a large and complex thing. The views held by the neefla in this story are not representative of neefla as a whole, unless Syke says so. On the otherhand, this may give you some idea of why K&A are so messed up.)

Kika and Anka - Origins Chapter 1 - Birthright

The doctor's voice trembled as he confirmed what the couple had already begun to expect.

"It's twins…"

His aid floated outside the room, politely out of earshot. She knew of course, though for the moment everybody pretended otherwise. She would have to be taken care of, arrangements would have to be made. Surely he could find her a post with some other facility, some other family. It would mean marriages. There would have to be several marriages. Choices that would have been considered disadvantageous only days ago would become necessities now. He mentally began to tally the options, but pulled his thoughts back to his patient… no… patients now. That inconvenient plurality… Twins were something that "didn't happen." Oh certainly in the old days, but this was Now. They had modern medicine, the random factors that had allowed such accidents before had been eliminated… The last time his family had delivered twins was… Again he pulled his attention back. He looked at the parents.

They either hadn't noticed his distraction, or else they were politely ignoring it. The former was more likely. They appeared to still be processing the information themselves. The father, Aroken Krioka was nodding slightly. Aroken was a doctor as well, he would know how serious this all was, even if he was not a gynecologist. The mother seemed to simply be in shock. Arika Krioka, the doctor recalled, was a biostruct engineer. Most likely she, like most people, thought twinning had been eliminated. She looked at him.


The doctor rolled his flukes, a gesture of uncertainty. "I don't know… Last time you came in, everything was normal. There were no abnormalities, no deviance from the norm. "

"What do we do now?"

"We will have to look for family to raise one of them. There are always a few parents who for one reason or another cannot have a child. It will mean a marriage, link the child to the family. With any luck, one of them will be a sport. Then there will be plenty of demand."

He saw the shudder run through them, and cursed the slip of the tongue. Sports were a blessing to any family, but no parent ever hoped their child would be a sport. They were both the ultimate triumph and in a strange way, the ultimate failure. Babies born lacking their parent's knowledge and memories had been a fact of life in all the three peoples for as far back as memory traveled. They were the precious gifts of the creator, opening new knowledge, new ways of thought. All of the Founders were sports, it was the only way to become a Founder. But in a world where your child was your ultimate masterpiece, a world where what you achieved in life was measured by what you passed on to your children, to know that your knowledge had not passed on was a cruel blow. And this couple had clearly waited until late. They would not have another child. They, like many professionals in the research cluster of Eirakoka had waited, hoping to pass on as much knowledge as possible to their offspring. It was a gamble, a serious one, one risked losing everything. This couple already had a son, or their family would never have let them wait this long. If both twins were sports, then forty years of memories would vanish as if it had never been.

"We could raise both of them…"

The doctor shook his head. He had been dreading this ever since the tests first came back. He had searched his deepest memories, knowing this question would come. No one could raise two children at once. There was no law against it of course, no one would bother putting something so obvious into law. A child was your Kara, your lifework. You could not have two lifeworks at once, that was ridiculous. Yes your children were born with your memories, your knowledge, but they had to be taught to use those memories, they had to learn the skills, both physical and mental, that turned those memories from a flat set of facts into a resource. To divide your attention between two children during this process was to cripple both. This had been shown. The same scenes of tragedies played out in the doctor's memories over and over and over as he tried to find some other solution.

"No, it would be better that you married both of them out of the family than try to raise them both yourself. Then you could try again. But to raise both? No I could not advise that. If you had any other family, something might be possible. But as it is, no, I am sorry. "

Aroken put his hand on his mate's arm. The sympathetic look he gave the doctor showed that he at least understood the full implications of this.

"Love, We should go home, and start making plans."

The doctor nodded, hopeful. Yes, please let them go home. He had his own plans he needed to make. A marriage for his assistant, his only daughter, before news of this accident spread. He could dower her with this clinic, she should have her choice of mates. Plans to travel, he would have to take a post somewhere else. They would know why he left his practice of course. But they would take him anyway. His experience and knowledge would see to that. Maybe some day he could even practice again. His mate would most likely come with him, she would not choose to dissolve the pairing, theirs was a strong marriage.

By the time the couple had left the office, the doctor was deep in plans of his own. Arrangements were made, patients were transferred, and instruments were packed. The office equipment would go with his daughter, better not to think of her as his assistant any more, they would be her dowry. Records were sorted, and dispatched to other doctors, The grounds keeping company was contacted, and asked to clear the grounds. By tomorrow, the office would be gone, the building razed to the ground by recyclers, the sculpted gardens transformed into something different. Everything would be politely forgotten.

It wasn't until much later that the doctor realized that the couple had never agreed to his recommendation. But by that time, there was nothing to be done.