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He's a member of Saign's Arena team, along with Acadiu, Rhin, and Torbian

When Claudia kept interrupting when Saign challenged Lexx to make him join her team, he stepped forward to her and began chatting with her about current events to distract her so she wouldn't get hurt in the battle (that, and he was bored, didn't often get to talk to other Kourwine, and was intrigued by her dislike of the game). (AD Day 14, strip 29)

He considers his life a good life, with no complaints. (AD Day 14, strip 35) He has 79 more battle until he completes his contract, and when he retires plans to buy a nice little tower off the Cousine Sea on Kourwin. (AD Day 14, strip 36)

Although he thinks Saign is a great employer, he thinks he'd almost rather belong to Claudia with the opinions she voiced. (AD Day 14, strip 39)

  • First appearance in comic in AD Day 14, strip 23