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Short Biography


Yellow wingless female with tan stripes, blue eyes


Younger Siblings 
Cler, Trea, Taw, Cean, Avi
Potential Mate 


  • First appeared in Shivae!-Cler circling the nest of the clutch about to hatch. (Cler, Strip 2)
  • Koel is the only female from Rill and Duske's prior clutch. Her two brothers left a year earlier, as is custom, to find mates of their own, while she remains with her parents to help raise this clutch and learn how to care for chicks (as is custom of all Shivae).
  • Likes Caiden, and took him into consideration for a mate, especially since males were rare in her area. (Cler, strip 45) Traveled with him and Mura to the meeting tree.
  • She shared a den with him at her parents while he proved himself a good match and provider, while also learning how to raise chicks. (Cler, strip 153)
  • Was supposed to be watching the chicks (Cler, strip 153) when Zaya and Cler got lost. (Cler, 160)
  • Since the cave is at least 100 feet above the 'floor', and Koel doesn't have wings, it took her longer to get to where they were than Caiden who was able to fly down. She would get hysterical upon seeing his injuries when she arrived. (Cler, strip 197)
  • When her family moved away to protect the chicks since the Digni knew they were there and they didn't want to take chances, she stayed behind to remain with Caiden. (Cler, strip 202)
    • Her family is waiting for her return, but will not themselves return to the area where Caiden lays healing. (Caiden and Koel, strip 3)
    • The Digni tranquilized her so they would be able to treat Caiden's injuries since she was guarding him. (Cler, strip 305)(Caiden and Koel, strip 2)
  • She's good at catching fish by herself. (Caiden and Koel, strip 5)
  • She's never encountered another Shivae without an adult nearby, so was wary of meeting Karu. (Caiden and Koel, strip 10)