Korbaen Dasch

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Korbaen Dasch

He was one of Andisel's most trusted guards. She had personally chosen him to be Kane's escort for his manners and chose to ignore the disapproving look he was now casting in her direction. Andisel delighted in placing him in such situations, knowing how much he despised his job, yet how willing he was to do as he was told. (AD Day 23, strip 69)

  • He thought of Andisel as a traitor. He was loyal and did what he was told, but only because he did not have any choices and he knew it. This ship was a prison and no matter how nice the accommodations and food, nobody here was free, except Andisel. (AD Day 23, strip 70)

Andisel had come up with a plan that involved taking Kane to Earth, and Korbaen was escorting her there. They were going to Earth and Korbaen was in a hurry to get Kane there. He had orders... and he had his own plans. Plans that his 'employer' might not like if she caught wind of them. (AD Day 23, strip 117)

With Kane on board he went to Earth... and ignored all protocols for approaching a planet on the 'untouched' list. (AD Day 25, strip 31) He was abandoning his mission, desiring living on a primitive world as a somebody over a lavish existence as a nobody. (AD Day 25, strip 32) He had been waiting for an opportunity like this since he was a kid, feeling he had a lot to offer, and no one can touch him there. He had more faith in the as yet unmet humans than his now previous employer. (AD Day 25, strip 33) He would land in an occupied park, asking for asylum, and wait for officials to come. (AD Day 25, strip 34)

  • He wasn't that thrilled with Kane, since she was willingly part of a plan to destroy her brother's life. (AD Day 25, strip 35)

Would be given a role to go around on talk shows as an actor playing an alien in a movie and taking his role seriously so he could tell the truth and no one would believe it. (AD Day 26, strip 115) Jonathan Ritter secretly fed him lines for the part, and he was becoming quite likable and popular. (AD Day 26, strip 117)

  • First appeared in AD Day 23, strip 69