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Short Biography


Northern Shivae
Large and shaggy, has a red underside and white back (though sometimes takes on a pinkish cast in certain lights), Purple eyes, large scars across left side of face and across the eye (though not blinding), brown hands


Known characteristics

  • Kota is a wanderer, an elder (and very cranky) Northern Shivae. Northerner Shivae are massive creatures, easily two to three times the size of the average Shivae and Kota is a large female. She appears to be from a clan in which she was a medicine Shivae, a healer and teacher. Why she is by herself is unclear.
  • Has a slight accent.
  • Does not like intruders in her den, (Vas, strip 221) especially if they wake her up. (Vas, strip 223)
  • Does not like Newcomers or Scythetails, or those who associate with them - like Vas. (Vas, strip 224)
  • Feels no qualms about hitting someone who angers her to get her point across. (Vas, strip 228)
  • She knows how to make a fire by scraping her claws against rocks, thus making the fire which lit her den.


  • First appeared Vas, strip 218
  • She is knowledgeable about snares, in part because she was caught in one while young and freed by her parents, (Vas, strip 227) in part because she has dealt with others who have been caught.
  • She claims to be a healer, who also lays the bodies of the dead to meet the Guide (who no one knows until they die) and journey to the Hunters Paradise. She watches the bodies of those she finds for a moon, as is the healer's promise to those who have none to mourn them or watch over them. (Vas, strip 231)
  • To warn Vas against the Newcomers, she shows him four who 'dream the never-ending dream' having died snared. (Vas, strip 232)
    • She leaves their eyes open so that they may see where they are going.
    • The thing that killed the four actually WAS a fence. Cyantians only fence in areas around their homes, these unfortunate chicks were after chickens as easy prey. If it'd only been one, that one most likely wouldn't have died, but with four chicks floundering in the wire at the same time in different areas of the fence... The Cyantians who owned the fence most likely found them dead in the morning and took them out to the forest, where the parents either didn't find them or were too spooked to go near.
  • She was more than willing to help Vas once he agreed to leave and find his father, even giving him a carry pouch with food and herbs for his journey. (Vas, strip 239)