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Short Biography


Lenisa Caeli
Blue scales, yellow eyes
Technomage student


  • Friendly talking scythetail (several generations descendant of Lord Dior)
  • First appeared in Campus Safari when she came to baby-sit Tae and Kea with Spooky when Darius had to help in D-L-V-R-Y. (Campus Safari, strip 400)
  • Had a literal run-in with Ash in Sink or Swim, making Ash wonder about the safety in eating pixie sticks. (Sink or Swim, strip 80)

MARPG Profile

Happy dance.jpg
Full Name
Lenisa (Lay-NEE-sah) Caeli (KIE-lee)
Female Scythetail
16 (Birthday Dec. 15)
First Year
Duske - male Mini-Gryph (non-sentient Islander)
"Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't know you were behind me! Should I get you some ice for that?", "I'm learning to dance! Wanna see?" *blinks* "Why is everyone running away?"
How much experience do you have with roleplaying? How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.?
Oh, I've played table top off and on for maybe a decade now - Star Wars, GURPS, Shadowrun, Aberrant, various World of Darkness games, D&D 3rd Ed., and others I've forgotten. As for MUCKs, I was at one time active enough on Furry Faire that I was on the RP Staff albeit for a short time and I've been absent from the MUCK for a couple years.
Give an example description of your character.
Standing 3'7" at the shoulder and weighing only 339lbs., her body is a bit smaller than average for a Scythetail of her age, yet her arms and legs are disproportionately long giving her a gangly appearance to her own kind. Her coloration tends towards indigo with stripes that are almost blue-black while her eyes are more hazel than yellow. One of the most obvious (and perhaps relieving) details however is that her tail scythe is rounded to an almost paddle-like shape and lacks a sharp edge. For clothing she has only a decoratively wrought silver com bracelet on her left arm/fore leg and a satchel not unlike that which Mura is pictured wearing, but in a soft white.
What is your character's personality?
Fundamentally simple, complex in detail. On the one hand she is sensitive and caring, yet on the other she has the Scythetail's darker urges - seek out the weak and devour them, never show weakness yourself, and strike down anything which opposes you or infringes on your territory. For the most part, she has leashed her id, but it still lurks in the background not fully mastered, a menacing beast waiting to pounce, and when she becomes agitated her tail may lash without regard to who is behind her. All this aside, she does know how to laugh and smile - it just takes a bit more effort when she's not in the company of friends since that's when she's truly relaxed and open. She is curious and tends to be gregarious, but because she is uncertain of herself (and her tail!), she can be shy, withdrawn to the point where she appears cold, or even irritable at times until the need to be around people gets unbearable. In those moments, she can be socially aggressive to the point of annoyance - she has a difficulty finding a comfortable middle ground between extremes - and as her trip has been a long lonely one, this is about the state she's arriving in.
What things does she like?
She actually enjoys quite a bit in life. She's still a carnivore, but she's developed a bit of a sweet tooth. She enjoys meeting new people, seeing new places, and learning new things. She has a well developed sense of the aesthetic and enjoys most forms of natural beauty as well as some purely artificial ones though she has lamentably little talent in such herself. She looks highly upon capable artists and would be greatly flattered if such a one ever thought her worthy of a portrait.
What things does she dislike?
She loathes conventional tests with a passion and will outright refuse anything but oral examination or testing by demonstration of ability. Because she is sensitive and she's born the brunt of some of it, any form of oppression, predjudice, or other senseless malice raises her hackles. Needless to say, she isn't fond of news broadcasts. She also doesn't enjoy being surprised or caught off guard. This may or may not relate to why she doesn't like spicy food...
What are the strong points of your character?
She's fairly intelligent or she wouldn't have made it this far, and she always tries to improve herself - that's what prompted her to become a technomage when it was determined she had an aptitude for it. Her own natural instincts combined with a harsh start in life have made her very cautious and provided her with a strong will to survive. Also because of her unusual past, she tends to be very broadminded with a genuine desire to help others when they let her.
Name one thing your character would never do and why
She would never betray a friend - they are far too precious to her. Though she would like to be able to say she would never harm a friend, she can't predict what will happen in those moments she loses control of herself, but betrayal is not a thing of passion. A friendship is a beautiful thing, and she could never willingly destroy something beautiful while in her right mind. Don't ever ask her to cut up a well decorated cake.
What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at?
She's a good climber and a very fast runner though Shivae are still a bit faster, but interestingly enough, she enjoys swimming quite a bit - indeed she often propels herself through the water chasing after a fish in a manner much like an otter but without the webbed feet. The calm waters of a lake are the best, and sometimes she'll just float placidly for hours contemplating the clouds, life, the future, and whatever other musings might occur to her if she has the time. When not swimming, she used to like to hike through the Cyantian forests, so coming to Mars was truly a choice born of neccessity. She enjoys music but avoids anything with an exceptionally heavy beat since it stirs her aggressive urges.
She possesses but does not carry on her person a monowire edged sheath that clamps onto what would be her tail scythe. She keeps it locked away and only Darius and Rayne will ever see it unless something very bad happens.
Why is it essential that your character be here in the Mars Academy?
By and large people are rational, but there were enough Cyantians who saw a Scythetail and decided to shoot first, ask questions later that her parents decided to send her someplace where the people are supposed to be more open-minded, more accepting, and less well armed. Oh yeah, her parents gave Darius and Rayne prior warning...once she was en route. Of course, it would seem that there may have been a glitch that delayed that particular message, so that it ought to be reaching Darius at about the time she's arriving...
What are her qualifications?
She is skilled at diagnosing flaws in machines, electronics, and software and reasonably adept at fixing them though only in the sense of 'take out bad part, replace with good part' while true engineering remains a subject she has only theoretical not practical skill in. She is *mostly* trained in first aid though she is only fully familiar with Cyantian wolves. For the rest, she's had a fairly standard education albeit a bit sparse in history, literature, and interstellar culture - she had to play catch up for several years since she could barely talk when she was found (and even that was a surprise to the Caelis) - so she's not much better off than Jules and Marcus there. Recently she has been enrolled in the program to train her as a technomage.
Goals in being here?
She hopes simply to find a place she fits in and can finally perhaps make some friends.
What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of her species?
"I've had little kindness from them. I don't know that I'm the only one like me, but...(sigh)"
What are her views on other species?
She keeps an open mind. She's seen more bad than she cares for, but she's also seen good, and lacking evidence to the contrary, she'd prefer to believe the best of people.
She has only a dim memory of scrambling madly away from snapping teeth and lashing tails into a dark, narrow space where the other Scythetails couldn't reach her. When they were gone, she creapt out of hiding and tried to sneak off, but they had waited for her. There are blurry images of a panicked flight, a plummet from a cliff into water that nearly drowned her, and washing up on shore some time later. She lived wild for a time, traveling and hunting other small, frightened things while avoiding larger menacing things. She soon discovered that most large creatures kept their distance from the strange furry mammals and their odd caves. She found out why too when she first saw a gun used to bring down one of those other creatures. She didn't understand what exactly happened, but the furry creatures both impressed and intrigued her, so she learned how to sneak close to watch them and listen to their strange speech until over the years she managed to decipher a few words and phrases.

Except for drinking, she also stayed clear of the dangerous water. One day however, an accidental slip sent her tumbling into the deep end of a lake. Again she almost drowned, but she mastered her fear and managed to claw her way to the surface...and found herself to be swimming fairly easily. After that she slowly lost her fear of the water. Eventually, when she grew bold enough to begin diving under the surface, she even came to enjoy swimming. She loved the feel of the water rushing past as she climbed and dove, so that at times she imagined herself as a sort of reflection of the birds soaring above. Besides, fish don't squeal when you eat them, and she was starting to feel a bit sorry for the small things she'd been hunting.

Several more years passed relatively calmly before she finally ran into Scythetails again, and these treated her no better than those terrible phantoms of her past. Battered and bleeding, she scrambled free of the other Scythetails, gambled everything, and fled towards the one thing she knew could kill them...and quite possibly her. She crashed out of the bushes and emerged directly into the back yard of the Caeli family. There the others caught up to her, but the noise from outside roused the wolves from their activities. Gradus Caeli, a former military man and the father of the family, sited from the doorway with a rifle and fired on the Scythetails dropping one instantly while the rest swiftly fled. What he hadn't expected was to see that they'd been attacking another Scythetail. Upon hearing her whimper, the mother Jana Caeli insisted that 'the poor thing needs help'. Imagine their surprise when Gradus' cautious approach to her was met with a weak cry of, "N..no hurt! Please?"

Gradus was a bit skeptical about the whole idea, but he wrapped her carefully in an old blanket then carried her inside where she was nursed back to health. Her speach was very simple at first, but even that was unprecedented so far as the Caelis were aware, and haltingly she was able to explain what little she understood of her past. They named her Lenisa by way of positive reinforcement - its from the Latin 'lenis' meaning gentle - and adopted her into the Caeli family. Jana was a former counselor who had dealt with children orphaned in wars, so she had some groundwork to build on, but it was still tough for everyone. Fortunately Lenisa had only an older brother Cadmus for an adoptive sibling, and he was planning to go into law enforcement, so he'd joke that dodging her tail was good practice. The rest of the family learned to deal with the occasional bruised shin.

She was mostly home schooled by her mother along with the children of several neighbors, and for obvious reasons she sat at the back of the group. All would have been well were it not for the fears of some parents breeding mischief in their children. Lenisa had been very gradually introduced to the other children over a period of several days and they seemed to accept her, but after an otherwise perfect week one of the parents saw Lenisa wrestling playfully with her son and panicked. She knocked Lenisa aside then fled with her son from the baffled and angry girl. There was much gossiping among the parents following that, and children aren't deaf. They heard the tales of Scythetails and drew their own conclusions. Two families refused to send their children to school the following day, but during their recess, Lenisa spotted two of the boys who'd been kept away and called out to them. They replied with cries of 'Stay away monster!' and threw rocks at her. She had started to back away when one of the rocks hit her square on the tip of her nose. Her world went red and the next thing she knew she had blood in her mouth and Cadmus was pulling her off one of the boys. Both survived, but the damage to her reputation was bad enough.

The family had to move several times after that. No matter where they settled, city or country, there was always someone who took exception to being in such close proximity to a live Scythetail until finally they settled in a home even more remote than the first one with only a few diggers for neighbors. By this time, Cadmus had already left for further schooling elsewhere, so the next three years passed in virtual solitude. In her last year on Cyantia, she befriended a digger not too much younger than her named Talys. That year went well until Gradus was quite unexpectedly recalled to active duty which meant moving back to the city. They tried to make the best of it, but after the second time Lenisa was nearly shot, they decided something had to be done. The Cyantians of Mars were supposed to be among the most openminded of their species, so it was the Caeli's hope that she could find a place among them.