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Current Owner 
Littan/Kourwine mix

Lisaan is Littan/Kourwine - she looks Littan but has Kourwine abilities. She was smart, educated, and shy. It had dealt and enormous blow to her self-esteem when her family had given her up to creditors. Her family had as many crids as the others in her community, but the community disapproved of her being a natural born hybrid. (AD Day 18, strip 5) The tips of her ears were cut off when she entered servitude to mask her crossbreed heritage, and she has a contract seal tattooed on the back of her right hand. (AD Day 18, strip 80)

She was bought by Zaile, and assigned to Riley, who didn't want her. (AD Day 18, strip 6) Zaile would later transfer her ownership to Riley, which frightened her being passed on again to an uncertain fate. (AD Day 18, strip 12)

By her reaction when on Lexx's Island, where she felt fear of falling off the world, she may have never been on a planet before. (AD Day 18, strip 14) She also shows fear of the sky and wildlife, (AD Day 19, strip 49) as well as the ocean. (AD Day 19, strip 52)

She was upset that by being on Earth, there wasn't even a court to go to if her contract was abused, leaving her at Riley's mercy. And if he sent her back to the facility, that would mean worse things for Lisaan. Her contract specifically stated that in the event her company was rejected by a buyer more than two times, she would default to a secondary contract... in what essentially amounted to intimate physical services. It was a shorter contract, but one that Lisaan had been striving to avoid. It was how the facility made its money, one way or another. If she wasn't good enough for casual company, then she wouldn't be a good product to send to another owner. The first time, it was because she was too shy and would not speak unless spoken to. The second time, her new Kourwine master had wanted to show off his exotic toy by having her dance for his friends. One of them was a little too impressed and had cornered her after the dance and attempted to rape her. She fought back and had sunk her fangs into his arm. Of course, she was the one held at fault and returned. She didn't want to do anything to further anger Riley - the horror stories she had heard from other less fortunate workers in the facility were far more terrifying than anything Riley might do to her. There was only one problem... Riley had already said that he was going to send her back where she came from. He had not done it yet, so maybe she could change his mind when he was no longer angry. If she had to, she would beg and plead with him. Maybe he would show her some mercy, even though he hadn't yet. She still had that little bit of hope. It was all she had. (AD Day 18, strip 60)

She was more than willing to talk to Damian when he sat next to and listened to her. (AD Day 18, strip 79) Damian promises her that he won't let Riley send her back. (AD Day 18, strip 80)

  • Getting Riley to listen long enough to accomplish that is turning out more difficult than he anticipated though. (AD Day 20, strip 81)
  • Chel seems to have taken an interest in 'persuading' Riley sending her back is not a good idea. (AD Day 21, strip 125) Riley meanwhile has decided to give her to Lexx to cook and clean on the new ship Damian was giving him. (AD Day 21, strip 144) Upon Chel's objection that Riley's not giving her a choice, Lexx said she was free to go on the ship or stay on the island, whichever she preferred, and Damian offered to pay her keep either way. (AD Day 21, strip 147)
  • She has agreed to work on Lexx's ship, wanting to 'make herself useful', even though Riley had offered to nullify her contract if that was what she preferred. (AD Day 21, strip 188)

Her family sold her to pay off their debts. She was never wanted. Her mother was a Littan, her father a Kourwine. They weren't married and her mother died when she was born. Her father was denied claiming her. It wasn't out of any love or care for her that her mother's parents raised her... according to Littan laws, when a Littan woman dies in childbirth, if any children live, their upbringing is to be done by the mother's parents. Things got bad for her grandparents... they sold her to pay off their debts. (AD Day 18, strip 80)

The contract is a set amount of years translated to labor dollars. It's usually 'fair' for their skills. Lisaan's been paying off debt for five years now. Fortunately, her contract had certain stipends in exchange for length of time. If they'd let her go into the 'black market', she'd be out by now. Instead she's been doing lots of servant type work, which means she's going to be an indentured servant for another ten years or so. (Basically, the buyers pay off her debt in full in exchange for her working for them for a set time - if they don't like her, she gets returned and they get some of their money back, which Lisaan has to pay again before leaving the system.) Unfortunately, her contract had a default secondary contract for 'intimate personal services' if she was rejected twice by her buyers, as being unfit for regular duties.

She squints a lot, and may need some form of vision correction. (AD Day 19, strip 50)

She's a very good cook. (AD Day 20, strip 74)

She was thrilled that Damian had given her a dress, even if it wasn't as fancy as the one Chel wore, because it was the first thing that was ever given to her, (AD Day 21, strip 123) or at least given without expecting her to 'perform' in return. Though she's been told that prostitution is an honorable profession, she remains unconvinced, and has also been told she didn't have the right personality for it. (AD Day 21, strip 124)

  • First Appeared in AD Day 18, strip 5