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Maenae is pronounced May-nay. Perfect name for a hyper little girl,.. very quick and easy to yell.

She's not like any of the other human-like species and is the last of them that are humanoid in appearance. Special key notes about her kind. It's unnamed. She's the only one anyone has encountered alive and a curiosity. She's about 3 years old, but appears and acts like a 10-year-old. She has black, unblinking eyes, and her hands consist of three fingers and two thumbs. (AD Day 11, strip 18)

It appears that Maenae's kind do not see on a spectrum like the other races. She sees everything by using energy, heat or a highly advanced radar as her main sources of getting around. If the light is dim enough, she can see on the same spectrum as the others. She can switch between different ways of 'sight' and combinations of them with ease. (AD Day 11, strip 18)

The objects on her head are filters. She also has an excessively heightened sense of hearing, (Day 11, strip 18) and is able to hear the relays (although she hasn't let anyone know yet). (AD Day 11, strip 91)

Lexx has a hard time disciplining her, pretty much letting her do what she wants, due to him being out of touch with how to raise a child. Riley has had no such problem, and did some disciplining of his own when she went into his things and destroyed one of his favorite coats with a pair of scissors. (Riley's discipline involved making dinner with one of her favorite desserts, then sending her to bed without dessert.) (AD Day 11, strip 28)

Lexx has had her in his custody for almost a year, through a very unusual situation and is trying his best to keep her from falling into the hands of the ADC who are VERY interested in her. Lexx found her on a derelict spacecraft and claimed her. He then left her in a boarding school since he can't take her with him while he plays the game. (AD Day 11, strip 30)

Lexx's Dice tend to avoid her when possible. She was only a little girl, but to Dice who spent all their time with Lexx, she was an unpredictable and overly active creature who thought of them as pets. (AD Day 11, strip 65)

He has left instructions with Damian to bring her to Chel if anything should happen to him. (AD Day 8, strip 25) She cannot be claimed by the ADC if she has a guardian, and though he has a deal with the headmaster of the boarding school she's at, he doesn't trust that they wouldn't turn her over if the ADC offered more money. (AD Day 8, strip 26)

  • A fear that may be bolstered by the fact that after she escaped, they sent Lexx the usual weekly report that she was doing well in her classes and behaving with no mention of her absence. (AD Day 21, strip 83)

During his third set she temporarily transformed into Mirien - an older form/personality - and sought to purchase passage on a ship, bored with the boarding school and missing Lexx. (AD Day 18, strip 64) She would later appear on a very surprised 'Uncle Riley's' ship. (AD Day 19, strip 73)

  • She likes to call Lexx 'Daddy'. (AD Day 11, strip 28) Guessing Riley was the culprit who told her to call him that, he told her to call Riley 'Uncle'. (AD Day 11, strip 49)
  • She has the ability to hear Relays. It's one of her secrets, one of many. (AD Day 11, strip 91)
  • She does not remember what happened to her parents. (AD Day 21, strip 101)
    • What she does remember: She was back in her room on the home ship. It was a small room with a bed on one side and a cushioned bench on the other. The floors were not like the hard floor she was standing on now. They were firm, but a little spongy. She could bounce high on them if she wanted. Maenae remembered.
    • The ceiling arced over her in a lovely shade of gold and the only real wall of the room was a constantly shifting sky of darkening blue with fluffy white clouds drifting across it.
    • "It's time for bed, Maenae." Maenae looked up and smiled at the words she had not heard in so long.
    • It was a language that she had only heard her people speak. It was her mother.
    • Mother was beautiful. She was so much taller than Maenae and had curly brown hair that was longer than Maenae was tall. She always had a smile for Maenae and the little girl remembered.
    • A scar ran from her mother’s hairline over her left eye and down her cheek. Maenae had witnessed the event that had scarred her. It was not something she wished to let invade her wonderful memory. (AD Day 21, strip 100)
    • Her mother read to her in that beautiful language. She fell asleep in a steadily softening golden light.
    • She was enveloped in darkness and then there was a sound. A wrenching squeal filled her room and she was jarred awake with a star filled sky flickering on the wall behind her.
    • There was a roar and then a gold humanoid form filled Maenae’s room with a brilliant light. It looked at her. It was the first time. "I kept you safe. I will always keep you safe." The voice warmly wrapped around Maenae. (AD Day 21, strip 101)
  • First Mentioned in AD Day 8, strip 25; First Appeared in the strips in AD Day 11, strip 28