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  • By daemonschile
  • Based on Comic and fiction by Tiffany Ross

"It's not fair!" howled Stealth, swishing her tails in irritation. "I never get to go anywhere anymore. It's always 'just wait outside.' I'm BORED! I want to leave!"

Lexx sighed. Stealth was being more moody than usual lately. "It's just one more stop. After the tailor we'll go back..."

"You already have more clothes than you'll ever need... just wear them!" Stealth interjected with a low growl.

"Maybe if I stay here with her, she won't be so bad?" suggested Chel.

"That might work..." hemmed Lexx. "I really do need something that fits better... I'll try not to take too long."

Stealth sat sulking, twitching her tails.

Chel sighed as Lexx headed into the shop - this was going to be a long day. Stealth had gotten into another argument with Dash that morning, and had been in a foul mood ever since.

A faint jingle sounded behind her. She turned to see what looked like a 7 foot tall dinosaur smiling at her - a dinosaur with a neon orange crest, and clothes that were a mad jumble of zig-zags, stripes, and polka dots of all colors. The bells on its tail jingled as it slowly wagged back and forth.

With a grin, the female saurian spoke. "You look like you've had a rough day. Perhaps my associate and I can help?" She reached out one long finger and gently raised Chel's chin. "Perhaps a makeover? You look like a Rishan who might enjoy such a thing. Trilith here is an expert at them."

Stealth cocked an ear, the name sounded vaguely familiar. As the memory surfaced, a faint grin crept across her muzzle. She padded over and nuzzled Chel. "Oh, please! I've heard of him. This could be... interesting."

Uh oh. thought Chel, a faint sense of uneasiness creeping on her on the cat's sudden eagerness. "Um... you know, I don't really have any money on me for that sort of thing..."

"Then consider it a free sample." a male voice added from behind her. A young Rishan stepped forward, dressed as brightly as the alien dinosaur, though much more subdued in the clashing patterns, that in its own way almost suited his lavender skin and indigo hair. With a big grin he added, "Hello there young lady. If I may introduce myself, my name is Trilith, and I'd be more than happy to give you a free makeover. It's not often that I get to work on a Rishan with such a rare hair color..." dropping his voice to a half whisper, he gave her a wink, "And it's good advertising! Say yes and I'll even have Terebrinth here get the shopkeeper give your friend in the shop a discount, we're one of their top suppliers."

"I've got the perfect fabric for him!" Terebinth chirped, pulling out a roll of what looked like neon tie-dyed tartan.

"Uh... no." winced Trilith. "I'm sure he'd much rather have one of the simpler patterns. We can't all pull off those vibrant ones."

"I suppose... Rishans do seem to prefer those boringly plain ones." Flicking her crest, "So what do you say young lady?"

"Please? Please, oh please, oh please?" begged Stealth, grinning up at Chel with a Cheshire smile.

Chel sighed. Something about Stealth right now reminded her of Mittens begging to be let out when birds were swarming the feeder, and she never really cared for makeovers, but Lexx could probably use a discount with her cutting into his budget... "The name's Chel,... and alright."

"Excellent!" with a hearty jingle of her tail bells, Terebinth turned and practically skipped into the shop.

"Now if you'll just have a seat over here we can get started." Trilith led Chel to a nearby bench, Stealth trotting close behind, her grin growing more with each step.

"Close your eyes and we'll get started. Hmm... I see you have rounded ears like mine. No problem, we'll just loosen some of that hair you have tied back and fluff it forward to hide the tips, and it should also help soften the outline of your face. Your skin is also a bit pale... I should probably add a little color." He paused for a moment. "Your friend is a nice color, wouldn't you say? You like the shade of his skin?"

"Er.." Chel blushed slightly, "Yes? I guess he's a nice shade..."

"Good to know..." he began applying foundation, "And a little more color to your skin will help accentuate your features and let your inner beauty shine."

Is Stealth... snickering? Chel wondered as Trilith continued working on her face.

Lexx was feeling rather proud of his purchases. A Zewalt had come into the shop was he was bargaining and insisted on the proprietor giving him a substantial discount on garments made from the fabric she brought in. Usually trullet fabric was well out of his price range, but with the discount he was able to afford two full garments of it, and they would last much longer than his usual sets. Deuce, he could even let Zeta dry them for him without any harm coming to the fabric. Though he did have to decline one of the fabrics offered. With a shudder at the mental image of it... some colors just did not belong together. He'd have to be sure to thank Chel later for the deal she worked out... participating in some sort of demo?

Suddenly he heard a loud screech. He rushed to the door to see a furious Chel blue in the face... literally.

"What the heck did you do to me?! Is this your sick idea of a joke?!" Chel screamed at Trilith.

Looking confused, Trilith tried apologizing, "Um.... Sorry? I suppose maybe violet would match your hair better if you're unhappy with blue..."

"What?! No!" Chel fumed, desperately trying to remove the blue coloring from her face.

Stealth meanwhile was rolling on her back, kicking her legs and flailing her tails in uncontrollable laughter. She knew what Rishan makeup would do, and this had turned out even better than she had hoped.