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Short Biography


Marcus Walker
Male. Blond hair, brown eyes, and dark goatie.
Technomage student (in Campus Safari, No Angel, and Cesilee's Diary)




A lover of the Furry genre, he particularly likes female anthropomorphic skunks, foxes, and rabbits. He and Jules was attending a Fur/Anime Convention when they ran into Cilke and Chatin, then proceeded to pounce Cilke (Campus Safari, strip 16) before she punched him out. (Campus Safari, strip 17) Jules offered to help them, and Marcus agreed - though their motives weren't altruistic. (Campus Safari, strip 30) They drove them back to their dormitory to stay, introducing them to their other dorm mates Terrie and Marissa. It would be there that Marcus would proceed to get into all sorts of mischief with them. From grabbing Chatin in the dark, (Campus Safari, strip 41) to trying to seduce Cilke with chocolate (Campus Safari, strip 58) - persuading her to give him 5 minutes of shoulder rubs for every M&M. (Campus Safari, strip 60)

Eventually Darius came to pick them up, and after first blinding him by taking his picture, (Campus Safari, strip 84) Marcus packed up his things right away and volunteered to go with them to the Mars Academy (thus saving Darius the trouble of having to forcibly take him). (Campus Safari, strip 115) It would be there that he would be sharing a room with Sean and Stephen. (Campus Safari, strip 165) But he would pick up where he left off in regards to the Cyantian females. At Ciphyr's office, he would ogle her chest (they're gills!) (Campus Safari, strip 214) then grab her tail upon leaving, causing him to be thrown across the room by her. (Campus Safari, strip 217) He would focus on how cute Zimae was and not pay attention to her as his teacher. (Campus Safari, strip 452) He would spy on Phoenix with binoculars after she got out of her shower and would be beaten up by her. (Campus Safari, strip 195) He would do this four more times and would be caught six times in the private baths of the female Cyantians. (Campus Safari, strip 534)

He would score high on the Technomage profile, with arts and architecture as his specialty. Phoenix would be assigned by Darius to give him a crash course. Zimae would give him Galen as the last available familiar, (Campus Safari, strip 455) with the note he'd be assigned a new one if they don't get along after six months. (Campus Safari, strip 456) He mistakenly keeps referring to Galen as him, even though it's a her.

It would be during this time that he would come to Cesilee's attention, much to his dismay. Because despite the fact that he loves the female half of Cyantia, he hates cats (this would, however, translate into relief for the female Mounties for this prejudice would end up protecting them from his amorous intentions). But this would not stop him from being constantly stalked and eventually kissed by her.


Known characteristics

  • Jewish (through his mother), though still willing to accept and enjoy Christmas presents. (No Angel, strip 102)
  • Was an English major on Earth - although he liked art, but felt it wouldn't get him anywhere. (No Angel, strip 15)
  • Hated Jules cat - who hated him in return. (No Angel, strip 63)
  • Enjoys wearing clothes bought from the Salvation Army. (Campus Safari, strip 201)
  • He took an instant dislike to Tizzy, in part because it reminded him too much of a cat. (No Angel, strip 64)
  • Marcus hasn't really had the time to know a lot about technomages, all he's thinking about is: Wow,.. alien pet, it's a gryphon! And I can learn to make things EXPLODE!! And make clothes disappear!


  • Appeared first in Satin and Silk/Campus Safari together with a cosplaying Jules. He then proceeds to pounce Cilke. (Campus Safari, strip 16)
  • His Earth dorm address was 1402 N Roosevelt Lane. (Campus Safari, strip 56)
  • He wanted to go, and when asked stated he wanted to stay at Mars Academy. (Campus Safari, strip 242)
  • He tested being on the Technomage profile, with Arts and Architecture as his specialty. Phoenix would be assigned to give him a crash course on it. (Campus Safari, strip 418)
  • Phoenix's methods of 'disciplining' him on unacceptable social behavior would lead him to fear her on sight. (Campus Safari, strip 448)
  • Was thrilled at the concept of becoming a technomage... like Dallas. (Campus Safari, strip 453)

  • First appeared in Campus Safari 2.0 asking Chatin and Cilke if they wanted a ride. (CS2 Chapter 2, strip 3)
  • After bringing them home, Jules would ask Marcus to set up his camera to discreetly photograph them. (He already had.) (CS2 Chapter 6, strip 12)

  • First appeared in No Angel watching TV with Silver. (No Angel, strip 11) Was thrilled with the prospect of millions of channels... and nothing to watch.
    • There's also the bonus that the anime is in the original voices, being a directly translated feed from Japan. (No Angel, strip 17)
  • Unlike Jules, he believed Darius, (No Angel, strip 12) and saw their trip to Mars as a chance of a lifetime, along with free education. (No Angel, strip 14)
  • Claims he's not a liar, and he would never lead on a girl the way he felt Jules was leading Sean on. (No Angel, strip 16)
  • Even though he's known Jules since they were little kids, he still doesn't understand her. (No Angel, strip 20)
  • While still believing Tizzy to be harmless, he tried teasing him. (No Angel, strip 73) Tizzy was quick to take revenge. (No Angel, strip 74, strip 75)
  • Objects when Cesilee tries to warn off Heath and claim him as her human. (No Angel, strip 111)
  • His dorm room is number MT-08, which he shares with Stephen, Sean, and Twinky. [1]

  • First appeared in Cesilee's Diary climbing out of a trash receptacle Phoenix had teleported him into for spying on her. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 5)
    • Developed a fear of her as a result. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 9)
  • He would later be brought to Phoenix to help him learn to control the out-of-control Galen. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 46)
  • Hasn't had much experience with pets, and his attempts to use a Naloket trainer on Galen just made the gryphon dislike him more. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 47)
    • Phoenix tried instructing him on how to train her, but his misremembering the instructions doesn't help (such as taking 'keep her food in the closet where she can't reach it without your help' to 'keep Galen in the closet'). (Cesilee's Diary, strip 48) She would schedule meetings to train him further. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 49)
    • Galen still seems to best him, doing things like running away after stealing his pants and dumping him out of a tree. (Campus Safari, strip 433)
      • Part of the problem is he's expecting the gryphon to inspire fear in others. (Cesilee's Diary, strip 49)
  • His first kiss was from Cesilee, much to his chagrin. (Campus Safari, strip 541, strip 542)