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Short Biography


Marion, Marrion
Medium gray fur for the most part, scraggly light gray hair (will wear a wig when dealing with others), black ears and hands, dark gray marks under eyes instead of traditional mask, heavy tail stripes, white stripes outline her white muzzle, white underside, green eyes
4 chronologically, 15 physically (in Puppet Strings)
90 lbs
Manipulation, Illusion
Unknown, currently owned by Dior (see Puppet Strings)


Marion is a Sirac from the same class group as Collin and Quinn, though a previous batch. She was the sole survivor of her batch, which were a small and frail group. She apparently didn't escape during the same incident as Collin and Quinn as she was later sold. According to a statement in the old forum, the owner who bought her was dissatisfied with her service, beat her severely and abandoned her half dead in the mountains. Dior found her and took her into his service. (Though in the more recently published Puppet Strings comic, she's stated as having escaped with a few others, but getting separated from the group and falling into Dior's hands.)

Marion possess a very powerful telepathic ability, capable of influencing and affecting the actions of the unaware. In short proximity, it may also be capable of disabling a person's ability to move.

She can disguise her appearance during dream-speak, but her shadow reflects her true form.

During Puppet Strings she used her abilities to incapacitate Cisco and Diji, and influence Collin to give her the recently unearthed data chips from a Moulin Phedra archeological dig (claiming she needed them to gain her freedom) so she could give them to Dior. (Quinn secretly replaced the chips, leading Dior to be furious at Marion - she is later shown with a bruised cheek swearing towards the camping group that it's not over).

She first appeared in Puppet Strings spying on Collin and Quinn.

She has recently resurfaced in Akaelae riding a Gryphon named Sun in the skies of Centralis and in failing health; (Akaelae, strip 353) bearing torn, tattered clothing and some form of mange on her left arm, the circumstances which led to her condition being unknown at present, though she immediately sought out Collin and Quinn upon arrival, landing when she felt their presence, (Akaelae, strip 355) calling out for help to them telepathically, (Akaelae, strip 356) and lay collapsed when they arrived. (Akaelae, strip 362) She claimed to have left her master after he punished and beat her as a result of them foiling her Puppet Strings mission, but he would come looking for her, and she needed help. (Akaelae, strip 365) When a medical team arrived, they declared her to be badly undernourished, dehydrated, and suffering a serious case of mange, requiring her to be brought to the towers for treatment. (Akaelae, strip 372) Once the treatments began, she was revealed to be thinking 'the plan is working'. (Akaelae, strip 375)

Whatever the plan is, it's apparent she believes she won't be there long. (Akaelae, strip 474)