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Mauki - of the Lanier House
Trasik, Riley, Biste, Fily, Domic, Tairil, + 1 more brother

Pronounced 'Ma-key'.

He wears blue with silver/ dusty platinum blond hair. He first appeared in the image of Zaile with a chessboard. When actually met his hair was very long and pale brown.

A glimpse of him was also seen in a picture possessed by Victor Reid. (AD Day 15, strip 17)

Victor Reid has a picture of him with a unicorn with a flaming red horn which he shows to Riley. (AD Day 18, strip 68)

Mauki was of the second youngest pair of siblings. He's soft by Trasik's standards, though thought himself on equal ground with his older, more experienced brothers and sister. (AD Day 20, strip 11)

Sima was his favorite Dice, as well as being a female Littan Master class Dice, short and lightly built. He had only been playing with a basic set of Dice when he saw his first Master. He fell in love with her as soon as he heard her voice, but denied it to himself for two years. (AD Day 20, strip 23) Mauki never trained or fought her, which annoyed Trasik as well as his obsession with her. During a night of intense celebration, Trasik managed to trick him into having Sima fight one of her Dice. When Mauki got upset and cried because Trasik's Dice scratched Sima, she grew enraged and had her Dice kill Sima, for which she doesn't feel remorse since she felt she taught her brother a valuable lesson against fighting with a Dice that was of his own race and kind. It was too easy to get attached. Mauki responded by declaring he hated her and she's not his sister anymore, and hasn't spoken to her since. (AD Day 20, strip 11) This occurred two years before he met Lexx.

He later encountered Lexx, (AD Day 20, strip 14) but rather than actually beginning a Dice battle with him, suggested he was there to fight but instead taunted him about Chel (AD day 20, strip 18) trying to get him to stop denying his feelings for her. It ended when Riley bonked him one. (AD Day 20, strip 20) He ended up confessing about Trasik, Domic, and Tairil's plan to fight Lexx one after the other with himself coming out of retirement and challenging him last in the hopes of capturing Lexx before the Gauntlet was called against him, and as far as they knew he was there doing research on Lexx. (AD Day 20, strip 21) In reality, he had no intention of fighting Lexx, especially on Trasik's behalf, but has a thing against denial. (AD day 20, strip 23)

He informed Lexx of Trasik, Domic, and Tairil's plan to team him before a Gauntlet is called, challenging him one right after the other, and how he was supposed to be the last challenger - but he won't. He doesn't play that game, and has no intention of coming out of retirement. (AD Day 20, strip 21)

Although he is older than Riley, he is not as much of a fighter. (AD Day 20, strip 20)

Enjoyed listening to Chel vent about Riley, finding it entertaining to hear what his brother is up to. (AD Day 21, strip 41)

He's a member of AD Players Against the Master Dice Set. [1]

  • Mauki was created to make use of lines originally attributed to Riley, but would be ... inappropriate for him after some large changes were made and he was introduced earlier in the story than originally planned.
  • First Appeared in AD Day 20, strip 14