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Short Biography


Reid, Melissa


Victor Reid
Kalvin Reid, Andrea Reid, Chelsea Reid

Melissa, Chel's mother, works for a branch of the government,ERA, as a biologist. She often works together with her husband on correlating teams due to their specialized work. (AD Day 11, strip 16)

  • Usually called Mel. Called Melinda in AD Day 26, strip 31

She's highly interested in the Nanites she found in the blood sample (AD Day 11, strip 16) taken from Lexx's wing (lost in AD Day 9, strip 15) - as well as the fact that the blood comes up human. (AD Day 11, strip 17)

When Victor showed her pictures of Chel with Lexx, she suggested they do nothing about it at the moment, and give Chel a chance to tell them about what is going on first. (AD Day 20, strip 64) She also suggested they keep in mind that as a young girl with a friend who may be a guy she likes, she might want to keep him secret... and it's possible she likes the alien and might feel the need to protect him. (AD Day 20, strip 65)

She concludes that he's human (based on her DNA tests), looks to be about the same age as Chel, and in the images seems to be protecting her. (As well as being the owner of the wing found earlier) She feels they shouldn't jump to conclusions until they know what's going on. (AD Day 20, strip 66)

She doesn't approve of how the situation between Victor and Riley played out. (AD day 21, strip 13) She doesn't want to let their zeal cost them contact with the ones who actually want to talk to them. In Mel's mind, if they had the ability to travel through space, they had some reason for being here and most likely, common 'aliens' wouldn't be coming to a planet that had not developed any sort of interstellar travel. Every sign of alien life they had encountered in their years in the unit had pointed to aliens doing research. They had numerous accounts of abductions, some legitimate, most had other sources. They spent a lot of time debunking the fakes and working through the problems of those who had legitimate stories. She felt next time, just let them go, no argument. (AD Day 21, strip 14)

  • She's extremely optimistic - nothing can get her down. (AD Day 11, strip 16)
  • She has the ability to completely separate herself from her emotions, allowing her to see things from a different angle. (AD Day 20, strip 65)
  • She hates doing paperwork, such as filling out reports. (AD Day 21, strip 11)
  • One of her biggest concerns about the situation with Chel was that another unit might be sent in and endanger her. (AD Day 21, strip 12)
  • It never occurred to her until Kane ended up blurting it out, that some of the aliens they came into contact with might have criminal backgrounds. (AD Day 26, strip 39)
  • First Appeared in AD Day 11, strip 16