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Random Set - Water/Camouflage/Mimic - Active: Water
1st Bonding Unknown
2nd Bonding Unknown
3rd Bonding Otter
Mischief Otter.jpg
Shira Lexx
'Nurrrr', 'Arp'

A lavender, naughty, fun-loving otter-like dice that has almost no attention span & will play with ANY mobile object, especially if its colorful!

Lexx first encountered her while trying to capture Drift - which was annoying since he needed to capture several Dice before he could capture her. (AD Day 11, strip 3) She meanwhile had no reason to not annoy him, and grabbed one of his Modifiers when he rolled them, (AD Day 11, strip 5) although Epsy was able to recover it from her (more or less) while Stealth got Drift.

Epsy refers to her has 'Missy'. (AD Day 11, strip 6)

She apparently has the ability to make mud balls without getting covered in mud herself when she wants to, (AD Day 21, strip 44) as well as swim easily through it. (AD Day 21, strip 45) And she's more than willing to include Lexx in her muddy fun, whether he wants to or not. (AD Day 21, strip 46)

She likes baths. (AD day 21, strip 55)

She weights forty pounds.(AD day 21, strip 47)

  • First Appeared AD Day 11, strip 3; Her capture didn't begin until AD Day 21, strip 42 however