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Modifiers last half an hour, maximum, and boost the natural abilities of the dice. It's completely random, and you can only use so many sides depending on level and type of Dice you're going after. (AD, Chapter 2, strip 6)

The modifiers only have to be in the area of the Dice, and not necessarily near them, to give their effects. (AD Day 9, strip 67)

You can only roll one modifier for every two levels of your dice. You have a level 5 dice, you can roll 2 modifiers.

There are many kinds of modifiers. You can't use a modifier that has more sides than the dice you're using it on has. Equipment modifiers will work on the majority of dice classes, but there's always one that it won't work with, ... like putting armor on a water based dice will make the armor have a negative effect instead of positive and rust immediately, immobilizing the dice. *Not ALL rolls on a modifier are positive, negative effects and useless attacks are possible.*

You can actually USE the same modifier on any dice without regard to what the main attribute of that dice is. Dice are purchased and won. The more expensive the dice modifier, the more 'interesting' things they can do. Each dice will also have a probability of a 10% negative effect on a roll. IE, you roll a modifier and it could land on one of ten things,... one of them could be something like slow *Slows YOU down.* or Newton's Law. You hit something and get hurt in the process. Modifiers hold attacks, affects and defenses.

The modifiers Lexx has are very basic ones. He only had three for his Dice, two have six sides, one has 10 - the ones he was given at the start of the game. Modifier dice are very expensive. The basics have an array of different modifications they can do, whereas, specifics are only one trait/type.

  • When Riley gave Lexx a Crid Disc with 500,000 crids after their battle, he figured he could buy some of the newest modifiers with it. (AD Day 11, strip 58)

Modifiers in Play

  • On Level 2 Stealth going against Level 2 Fly - 'Jump', 'Swipe', and 'Strength Burst' (AD, Chapter 2, strip 6)
  • Level 5 Lexx on himself verses Onir - 10 6-siders on himself (AD, Chapter 2, strip 20), Lexx uses 'Ball Lightning' and Onir uses 'Reflect' (AD, Chapter 2, strip 22) , Lexx uses 'Hallucinate' (AD, Chapter 2, strip 23)
  • On Level 2 Stealth and Level 2 Zeta against Level 4 Dig, Lexx rolled an Earth and a Sound modifier (one for each), coming up with 'Sonic Eruption' and 'Stone Plate'. (AD, Day 5, strip 4) He had a third modifier available to use, but chose not to use it on seeing his small size. (AD, Day 5, strip 7)
  • On Level 2 Fly and Level 3 Zeta against Level 4 Energy he used 4 modifiers in the comic image (AD Day 6, strip 3), Fly's seems to have been 'Forceshields', as he doesn't use them elsewhere. (AD Day 6, strip 5) (Forceshields are bubbles which aren't much of a threat unless it hits you, at which point it instantly expands and envelops you (AD Day 6, strip 6))
  • Level 6 Lexx on himself against Trasik's level 20 Poison Dice - Several 6-siders seen close up in AD Day 6, strip 27 (and stated to interface with his mind so he knows what he has to work with); Ability 'Stop' (AD Day 6, strip 34) (or 'Multiplied Stop'- Normally, it only freezes a Dice in place for a few minutes,… multiplied and focused. It can affect any part of the body more effectively, such as making the heart and lungs stop. (AD Day 6, strip 53)), possibly 'Charge!' - a running maneuver (AD Day 6, strips 30-33) (not used elsewhere)
  • On Level 3 Stealth and Level 4 Epsy against Level 5 Dash - 4 6-siders and 1 4-sider. (AD Day 8, strip 11) Stealth gained 'Phase', Epsy gained 'Icewind'. (AD Day 8, strip 12) Stealth also gained 'Static', (AD Day 8, strip 17) and Epsy also gained 'Iceblock'. (AD Day 8, strip 18)
  • Level 3 Fly against Level 6 Static - Fly gained the ability 'Weight' (AD Day 8, strip 30)
  • 3 dice for Level 3 Zeta and 5 for Level 4 Epsy against Level 6 Steel (AD Day 9, strip 64) (5 6-siders thrown? (AD Day 9, strip 66)) - Epsy gained 'Ice Wind' (AD Day 9, strip 67)
  • 3 6-siders for Level 3 Stealth against Level 1 Drift (AD Day 11, strip 5)
  • Level 7 Lexx verses Riley - Lexx uses 'Random Weapon', Riley 'Siphon sword' (AD Day 11, strip 52); Random Weapon cycles through half a dozen weapons, some useful, some not - he got a sword that could physically cut or swing a bolt of energy, while the Siphon Sword is over-sized, but light and maneuverable (AD Day 11, strip 53) and siphons modifier energy from the attacked and gives it to the wielder. Riley mentions it's on one of the modifiers he's going to give Lexx. (AD Day 11, strip 54)
  • Level 7 Lexx verses Level 19 Acadiu - Lexx rolls at least 3 6 siders, Acadiu 2 6 siders and an 8 sider. (AD Day 14, strip 31) Lexx uses 'Gale', (AD Day 14, strip 31) Acadiu sprouts a form of light wings, (AD Day 14, strip 32) Acadiu uses 'Solar Shot', Lexx 'Ball Lightning', (AD Day 14, strip 38) Acadiu uses 'Arm Blades', (AD Day 14, strip 40) Lexx uses 'Random Weapon' (AD Day 14, strip 49) - this time getting a simple blade forming along his arm and extending behind the fingers (AD Day 14, strip 50)
  • 2 6-siders for Sythe against Skri (AD Day 18, strip 19)
  • Level 7 Lexx verses Desirea - 7 six-siders shown, (AD Day 18, strip 27) Lexx uses 'Erupt' (AD Day 18, strip 40)
  • In Trasik verses Lexx, she would throw at least 3 modifiers with her Wyvern. (AD Day 21, strip 160) Lexx would throw at least 4 for himself. (AD Day 21, strip 161) Lexx would use 'Shield' against the wyvern's fire breath. (AD Day 21, strip 163) Lexx would use 'Phase' to vanish in a swirl of darkness so the tail spikes from the wyvern couldn't spear him. (AD Day 21, strip 164) Lexx used 'Thrust' to propel one of the spikes he picked up through one of the wyvern's heads.
  • In Lexx verses Skate, Lexx would use 'Constrict', which would send a ripple of energy around the Dice’s neck. Skin and muscle pulled and tightened, immediately cutting off her oxygen. (AD Day 23, strip 36)
  • In Lexx verses Trasik's two Master Dice, he would use 2 4 siders, 3 6 siders, and 1 12 sider. (AD Day 24, strip 96)